path: root/arch/powerpc/cpu/mpc8xxx
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-08-31Fix parameters to support RDIMM for P2020DSYork Sun
2010-08-19powerpc/8xxx: share PIC defines among 85xx and 86xxKim Phillips
2010-08-01powerpc/8xxx: query feature reporting register for num cores on unknown cpusKim Phillips
2010-07-26powerpc/8xxx: Improvement to DDR parametersyork
2010-07-26powerpc/8xxx: Enable DDR3 RDIMM supportyork
2010-07-26powerpc/8xxx: Enabled address hashing for 85xxyork
2010-07-26powerpc/8xxx: Enable quad-rank DIMMs.york
2010-07-26powerpc/8xxx: Fix bug in memctrl interleaving & bank interleaving on cs0~cs4york
2010-07-26powerpc/8xxx: Enabled hwconfig for memory interleavingKumar Gala
2010-07-20powerpc/p3041: Add various p3041 related definesKumar Gala
2010-07-20powerpc/p5020: Add various p5020 related defines (and p5010)Kumar Gala
2010-07-16powerpc 83xx/85xx: Merge lbc upmconfig codeBecky Bruce
2010-07-1683xx/85xx/86xx: LBC register cleanupBecky Bruce
2010-07-16powerpc/8xxx: Add is_core_disabled to remove disabled cores from dtbKumar Gala
2010-07-16mpc8xxx: Remove cpu-handles for cpus we deleteKumar Gala
2010-07-16powerpc/8xxx: Add base support for the SEC4Kim Phillips
2010-07-16powerpc/8xxx: Distinguish between incompatible SEC h/w typesKim Phillips
2010-07-16fdt: move fsl specific code from common fdt area to mpc8xxx/fdt.cKim Phillips
2010-05-12Enabled support for Rev 1.3 SPD for DDR2 DIMMsYork Sun
2010-05-1285xx/mpc8536ds: Use is_serdes_configured() to determine of PCIe enabledKumar Gala
2010-04-2685xx: clean up the io_sel for PCI express of P1022Dave Liu
2010-04-26fsl-ddr: Add extra cycle to turnaround timesDave Liu
2010-04-21Move arch/ppc to arch/powerpcStefan Roese