path: root/arch/i386/lib/board.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-04-13x86: Rename i386 to x86Graeme Russ
2011-04-13x86: Code cleanupGraeme Russ
2011-02-12x86: Convert board_init_f to use an init_sequenceGraeme Russ
2011-02-12x86: Rearrange function calls in board_init_fGraeme Russ
2011-02-12x86: Split board_init_f() into init_fnc_t compatible functionsGraeme Russ
2011-02-12x86: Fix incorrect usage of relocation offsetGraeme Russ
2011-02-12x86: Move console initialisation into board_init_fGraeme Russ
2011-02-12x86: Move test for cold boot into init functionsGraeme Russ
2011-02-12x86: Move call to dram_init_f into board_init_fGraeme Russ
2011-02-12x86: Defer setup of final stackGraeme Russ
2011-02-12sc520: Move RAM sizing code from asm to CGraeme Russ
2011-02-12x86: Move initial gd to fixed locationGraeme Russ
2011-02-12x86: Fix mangled umlautsGraeme Russ
2010-10-18Rename TEXT_BASE into CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASEWolfgang Denk
2010-10-07x86: Implement fully relocatable imageGraeme Russ
2010-10-07x86: Use loops instead of memcpy/memset in board_init_fGraeme Russ
2010-10-07x86: Rearrange linker scriptGraeme Russ
2010-10-07x86: Rename linker script symbolsGraeme Russ
2010-10-07x86: Place global data below stack before entering CGraeme Russ
2010-09-23Remove unused CONFIG_SERIAL_SOFTWARE_FIFO featureStefan Roese
2010-09-13x86: Fix do_go_exec() - const argv[]Graeme Russ
2010-08-04Rename getenv_r() into getenv_f()Wolfgang Denk
2010-07-04Make sure that argv[] argument pointers are not modified.Wolfgang Denk
2010-05-06x86: Provide weak PC/AT compatibility setup functionGraeme Russ
2010-05-06x86: Use CONFIG_SERIAL_MULTIGraeme Russ
2010-05-06x86: Pass relocation offset into Global DataGraeme Russ
2010-05-06x86: Fix do_go_exec()Graeme Russ
2010-05-06x86: #ifdef out getenv_IPaddr()Graeme Russ
2010-04-13Move lib_$ARCH directories to arch/$ARCH/libPeter Tyser