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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-10-25am33xx: Add SPI SPL as an optionTom Rini
2012-10-25VIDEO: add macro to set LCD size for DSS driverStefano Babic
2012-10-25am335x: Enable RTC 32K OSC clockVaibhav Hiremath
2012-10-15mx25: Clean up lowlevel_initBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx31: Fix PDR0_CSI_PODFBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx35: Define MAX and AIPS registersBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx31: Add more CCM access macrosBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx25: Clean up clocks APIBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx25 clocks: Fix MXC_FEC_CLKBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx25: Define more standard clocksBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx5/6 clocks: Fix SDHC clocksBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx5 clocks: Fix get_lp_apm()Benoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx5 clocks: Add and use CCSR definitionsBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx51: Fix USB PHY clocksBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx5: Fix clock gate valuesBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx5: Use explicit clock gate namesBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx5 clocks: CleanupBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15mx5/6: Define default SoC input clock frequenciesBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-10-15imx: Use MXC_I2C_CLK in imx i2c driverMatthias Weisser
2012-10-15mx25: add CPU revision 1.2Eric Benard
2012-10-15i.MX6: get rid of redundant struct src_regs (dupe of struct src)Eric Nelson
2012-10-15i.MX6: define struct iomuxc and IOMUX_GPR2 register bitfieldsEric Nelson
2012-10-15i.MX6: Add ANATOP_PFD_480 bitfield constantsEric Nelson
2012-10-15i.MX6: define IOMUX_GPR3 register bitfieldsEric Nelson
2012-10-15i.MX6: define bitfields for CHSCCDR registerEric Nelson
2012-10-15i.MX6: change register name for CCM_CHSCCDR to match ref. manualEric Nelson
2012-10-15i.MX6: provide functional names for CCM_CCGR0-CCGR6 bit fieldsEric Nelson
2012-10-15pxa: Add code to examine cpu model and revisionLukasz Dalek
2012-10-15tegra: nand: add board pinmuxLucas Stach
2012-10-15tegra: clean up board include hellLucas Stach
2012-10-15tegra: add funcmux entry for NAND attached to KBCLucas Stach
2012-10-15tegra20: add clock_set_pllout functionLucas Stach
2012-10-15tegra20: complete periph_id enumLucas Stach
2012-10-15Tegra20: Move some include files to arch-tegra for sharing with Tegra30Tom Warren
2012-10-15tegra20: add USB ULPI init codeLucas Stach
2012-10-15tegra20: port to new ehci interfaceLucas Stach
2012-10-15usb: ehci: rework to take advantage of new lowlevel interfaceLucas Stach
2012-10-04ARM: Add Altera SOCFPGA Cyclone5Dinh Nguyen
2012-10-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'u-boot-marvell/master'Albert ARIBAUD
2012-10-03ARM: kirkwood/orion5x: Use reset_cpu definition in include/common.hDinh Nguyen
2012-10-03kirkwood: implement kw_sdram_size_adjustGerlando Falauto
2012-10-03kirkwood: fix mpp.h coding styleLuka Perkov
2012-10-03ARM : Add GPIO Driver and IOMUX definition for S3C2440Gabriel Huau
2012-10-03arm: rmobile: Add support for ATMARK-TECHNO Armadillo-800EVA boardHideyuki Sano
2012-10-03arm: rmobile: Add support PFC of Renesas R8A7740Nobuhiro Iwamatsu
2012-10-03arm: rmobile: Add support Renesas R8A7740Nobuhiro Iwamatsu
2012-10-03arm: rmobile: kzm9g: Add dummy member to struct sh73a0_rwdtTetsuyuki Kobayashi
2012-10-03arm: rmobile: kzm9g: enable reset commandTetsuyuki Kobayashi
2012-10-03arm: rmobile: kzm9g: Adjust low level hardware settingTetsuyuki Kobayashi
2012-10-03arm: rmobile: Add supoprt for KMC KZM-A9-GT boardNobuhiro Iwamatsu