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2012-07-07OMAP5: Change voltages for omap5432Lokesh Vutla
2012-07-07OMAP5: DPLL core lock for OMAP5432Lokesh Vutla
2012-07-07OMAP5: EMIF: Add support for DDR3 deviceLokesh Vutla
2012-07-07OMAP5: ADD precalculated timings for ddr3Lokesh Vutla
2012-07-07OMAP5: Configure the io settings for omap5432 uevm boardLokesh Vutla
2012-07-07OMAP5: ADD chip detection for OMAP5432 SOCLokesh Vutla
2012-07-07DaVinci: fix ddr2 vtp i/o calibrationTroy Kisky
2012-07-07ARM: OMAP5: Align memory used for testing to the power of 2SRICHARAN R
2012-07-07ARM: OMAP5: dmm: Create a tiler trap section.SRICHARAN R
2012-07-07ARM: OMAP4+: dmm: Take care of overlapping dmm and trap sections.SRICHARAN R
2012-07-07am33xx: Do not call init_timer twiceTom Rini
2012-07-07arm: Tegra: Use ODMDATA from BCT in IRAMTom Warren
2012-07-07tegra: override compiler flags for low level init codeamartin@nvidia.com
2012-07-07tegra: Correct PLL access in ap20.c and clock.cSimon Glass
2012-07-07tegra: add SDMMC1 on SDIO1 funcmux entryStephen Warren
2012-07-07tegra: add SDIO1 funcmux entry for UARTALucas Stach
2012-07-07tegra: add UART1 on GPU funcmux entryStephen Warren
2012-07-07tegra: add alternate UART1 funcmux entryStephen Warren
2012-05-22arch/arm/cpu/ixp/npe/npe.c: Fix build warningAnatolij Gustschin
2012-05-15arm, omap3: fix warm reset serial output on OMAP36xx/AM/DM37xxMatt Porter
2012-05-15omap4: do not enable auxiliary coresTero Kristo
2012-05-15omap4: do not enable fs-usb moduleTero Kristo
2012-05-15tegra2: trivially enable 13 mhz crystal frequencyLucas Stach
2012-05-15tegra: Add keyboard support to funcmuxSimon Glass
2012-05-15tegra: Setup PMC scratch info from ap20 setupYen Lin
2012-05-15tegra: Add warmboot implementationYen Lin
2012-05-15tegra: Add PMU to manage power suppliesJimmy Zhang
2012-05-15tegra: Add EMC support for optimal memory timingsJimmy Zhang
2012-05-15tegra: Add tegra_get_chip_type() to detect SKUSimon Glass
2012-05-15tegra: Add crypto library for warmboot codeYen Lin
2012-05-15tegra: Add functions to access low-level Osc/PLL detailsSimon Glass
2012-05-15tegra: Move ap20.h header into arch locationSimon Glass
2012-05-15Add abs() macro to return absolute valueSimon Glass
2012-05-15i.MX28: Avoid redefining serial_put[cs]()Marek Vasut
2012-05-15i.MX28: Add battery boot components to SPLMarek Vasut
2012-05-15i.MX28: Reorder battery status functions in SPLMarek Vasut
2012-05-15i.MX28: Add LRADC init to i.MX28 SPLMarek Vasut
2012-05-15i.MX28: Shut down the LCD controller before resetMarek Vasut
2012-05-15i.MX28: Implement boot pads sampling and reportingMarek Vasut
2012-05-15i.MX28: Improve passing of data from SPL to U-BootMarek Vasut
2012-05-15i.MX28: Add delay after CPU bypass is clearedMarek Vasut
2012-05-15imx: Add u-boot.imx as target for ARM9 i.MX SOCsTimo Ketola
2012-05-15i.MX25: esdhc: Add mxc_get_clock infrastructureTimo Ketola
2012-05-15i.MX6: add enable_sata_clock()Eric Nelson
2012-05-15i.MX6: Add ANATOP regulator initDirk Behme
2012-05-15Revert "i.MX28: Enable additional DRAM address bits"Marek Vasut
2012-05-15mx53loco: Allow to print CPU information at a later stageFabio Estevam
2012-05-15mx5: Add clock config interfaceFabio Estevam
2012-05-15imx-common: Factor out get_ahb_clk()Fabio Estevam
2012-05-15MX53: add function to set SATA clock to internalStefano Babic