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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-06EXYNOS: change the compile/clean option of splJeong-Hyeon Kim
2012-11-04Prepare v2013.01-rc1v2013.01-rc1Tom Rini
2012-10-29fs: add filesystem switch libary, implement ls and fsload commandsStephen Warren
2012-10-26arm: arm925t: remove SX1 boardAlbert ARIBAUD
2012-10-22fs: Add a Coreboot Filesystem (CBFS) driver and commandsGabe Black
2012-10-22common: Discard the __u_boot_cmd sectionMarek Vasut
2012-10-22common: Add symbol handling for generic lists into MakefileMarek Vasut
2012-10-15kerneldoc: Implant DocBook from Linux kernelMarek Vasut
2012-10-15Tegra20: Move some code files to common directories for upcoming Tegra30 patc...Tom Warren
2012-10-15add check infrastructure, default sparseKim Phillips
2012-10-15Prepare v2012.10v2012.10Tom Rini
2012-10-08Prepare v2012.10-rc3v2012.10-rc3Tom Rini
2012-10-01Prepare v2012.10-rc2v2012.10-rc2Tom Rini
2012-09-27Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-netTom Rini
2012-09-27ARM: SPL: Convert davinci to CONFIG_SPL_FRAMEWORKTom Rini
2012-09-27Makefile: Move SPL files to clobber, remove from cleanTom Rini
2012-09-25Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mpc85xxTom Rini
2012-09-24dm: net: Move IXP NPE to drivers/net/Marek Vasut
2012-09-21Prepare v2012.10-rc1v2012.10-rc1Tom Rini
2012-09-21Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-armTom Rini
2012-09-20Merge branch 'ext4'Tom Rini
2012-09-18IPL: Remove remains of OneNAND IPLMarek Vasut
2012-09-10MX: set a common place to share code for Freescale i.MXStefano Babic
2012-09-04MX28: Cleanup mxsboot within make mrproperMarek Vasut
2012-09-02fix out of tree building with kallsymsMike Frysinger
2012-09-02Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-usbWolfgang Denk
2012-09-01dfu: DFU backend implementationLukasz Majewski
2012-09-01MX28: config: Allow different target generation in elftosb callOtavio Salvador
2012-09-01tegra20: enable SPL for tegra20 boardsAllen Martin
2012-09-01tegra20: add u-boot-*-tegra.bin targetsAllen Martin
2012-09-01tegra20: move tegra20 SoC code to arch/arm/cpu/tegra20-commonAllen Martin
2012-09-01MX28: Move the u-boot.bd info CPUDIR/SOCDIRMarek Vasut
2012-09-01hawkboard/omapl-138: Add support for generating ais image for hawkboardSughosh Ganu
2012-09-01Consolidate bootcount code into drivers/bootcountStefan Roese
2012-08-23powerpc/CoreNet: add tool to support pbl image build.Shaohui Xie
2012-08-17Makefile: fix HAVE_VENDOR_COMMON_LIBScott Wood
2012-08-10Makefile: cosmetic: optimize usage of LIBS-yDaniel Schwierzeck
2012-08-10Makefile: replace LIBS by LIBS-yDaniel Schwierzeck
2012-08-10Makefile: allow appending to LIB in sub-makefilesDaniel Schwierzeck
2012-08-09ext4fs ls load supportUma Shankar
2012-08-09zfs: Add ZFS filesystem supportJorgen Lundman
2012-08-09sandbox: Add basic test for command executionSimon Glass
2012-07-30Prepare v2012.07v2012.07Wolfgang Denk
2012-07-30Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mipsWolfgang Denk
2012-07-29Makefile: avoid "Generating asm-offsets.h" message with "-s"Wolfgang Denk
2012-07-27MIPS: fix renaming of inca-swap-bytes to xway-swap-bytesDaniel Schwierzeck
2012-07-27Prepare v2012.07-rc3v2012.07-rc3Wolfgang Denk
2012-07-22Prepare v2012.07-rc2v2012.07-rc2Wolfgang Denk
2012-07-10Prepare v2012.07-rc1v2012.07-rc1Wolfgang Denk
2012-07-07Makefile: Add u-boot.spr build target (SPEAr)Stefan Roese