AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-10-27Prepare v2010.12-rc1v2010.12-rc1Wolfgang Denk
2010-10-27Coding Style cleanupWolfgang Denk
2010-10-27cmd_onenand.c: Fix command usage help.Enric Balletbo i Serra
2010-10-27mmc: seperate block number into small parts for multi-write cmdLei Wen
2010-10-27Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-sparcWolfgang Denk
2010-10-27env_sf: updated to the new environment codeStefano Babic
2010-10-27Makefile: fix dependencies for building NAND_SPLWolfgang Denk
2010-10-27make-asm-offsets: fix sed scriptWolfgang Denk
2010-10-27mcu25: fix out of tree buildingWolfgang Denk
2010-10-27Revert "cmd_net: drop spurious comma in U_BOOT_CMD"Wolfgang Denk
2010-10-27post/drivers/i2c.c: fix compile errorWolfgang Denk
2010-10-26ARM: use the same branch insn on all architecturesWolfgang Denk
2010-10-26Remove config.mk for da8xxevm based boards.Sughosh Ganu
2010-10-26arm, bootm: Fix compile warningHeiko Schocher
2010-10-26cmd_net: drop spurious comma in U_BOOT_CMDMike Frysinger
2010-10-26arm1176: fix relocationDarius Augulis
2010-10-26ARM: fix address setup in start.SDarius Augulis
2010-10-26Replace CONFIG_SYS_GBL_DATA_SIZE by auto-generated valueWolfgang Denk
2010-10-26include/asm-offsets.h: automatically generate assembler constantsWolfgang Denk
2010-10-26Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-blackfinWolfgang Denk
2010-10-26Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-ppc4xxWolfgang Denk
2010-10-26Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-i2cWolfgang Denk
2010-10-26ARM: Use consistent assembler syntaxGray Remlin
2010-10-25Blackfin: adi boards: set compiled size limitsMike Frysinger
2010-10-25Blackfin: bf527-ezkit-v2: move to boards.cfgMike Frysinger
2010-10-25ppc4xx: Add Io and IoCon 405EP board supportDirk Eibach
2010-10-25Merge branch 'master' of ssh://gemini/home/wd/git/u-boot/masterWolfgang Denk
2010-10-25ARMV7: OMAP: I2C driver: Fix bug found in 37XX testingSteve Sakoman
2010-10-24hcu4, hcu5: fix out of tree buildingWolfgang Denk
2010-10-24MPC8315ERD: fix build errorWolfgang Denk
2010-10-24VoVPN-GW_100MHz: drop unsupported board configurationWolfgang Denk
2010-10-24lite5200b_PM: fix compile warningWolfgang Denk
2010-10-23MAKEALL: drop non-existent i386 configMike Frysinger
2010-10-23ARM: fix relocation support for onenand device.Enric Balletbo i Serra
2010-10-23MVBLM7: make TSEC2 work again.Andre Schwarz
2010-10-23hwconfig: Utilize getenv_f before relocation to allow for larger bufferKumar Gala
2010-10-23env_flash: Disable debug print statementsPeter Tyser
2010-10-23Merge branch 'for-wd-master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-pxaWolfgang Denk
2010-10-23Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mpc85xxWolfgang Denk
2010-10-23Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-videoWolfgang Denk
2010-10-23Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-usbWolfgang Denk
2010-10-23Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-shWolfgang Denk
2010-10-23a4m072: add CONFIG_SYS_FLASH_BANKS_SIZES defineIlya Yanok
2010-10-23cfi_flash: handle 'chip size exceeds address window' situationIlya Yanok
2010-10-22ehci-hcd.c: fix hanging under higher loadWolfgang Denk
2010-10-22usb_storage: constify us_direction lookup tableMike Frysinger
2010-10-22usb: musb: constify a bitMike Frysinger
2010-10-22USB: fix Queue Element Transfer Descriptor changesWolfgang Denk