AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-14Prepare v2013.01-rc2v2013.01-rc2Tom Rini
2012-12-13omap3_evm: Let CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION be set for SPLTom Rini
2012-12-13env: Handle write-once ethaddr and serial# genericallyJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Implement the env delete commandJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Add setenv force supportJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Add support for access control to .flagsJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Add a command to display details about env flagsJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13tools/env: Add environment variable flags supportJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Add environment variable flagsJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Add a silent env handlerJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Add a console env handlerJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Add a loadaddr env handlerJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Add a baudrate env handlerJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Add a bootfile env handlerJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Add a command to view callbacksJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Add support for callbacks to environment varsJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Hide '.' variables in env print by defaultJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Use getenv_yesno() more generallyJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Refactor apply into change_okJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Consolidate common code in hsearch_r()Joe Hershberger
2012-12-13env: Refactor do_apply to a flagJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13Make linux kernel string funcs available to toolsJoe Hershberger
2012-12-13gpt: Enable support for GPT partition table restoration at Samsung's TratsLukasz Majewski
2012-12-13gpt: Support for new "gpt" commandPiotr Wilczek
2012-12-13gpt: Support for GPT (GUID Partition Table) restorationLukasz Majewski
2012-12-13gpt: The leXX_to_int() calls replaced with ones defined at <compiler.h>Chang Hyun Park
2012-12-13gpt:doc: GPT (GUID Partition Table) documentationLukasz Majewski
2012-12-13part:efi: Move part_efi.h file to ./includeLukasz Majewski
2012-12-13vsprintf:fix: Change type returned by ustrtoulLukasz Majewski
2012-12-12Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mipsTom Rini
2012-12-12mips: serial: Fix busted manual relocationJoe Hershberger
2012-12-12MIPS: constify mips_io_port_baseDaniel Schwierzeck
2012-12-11cmd:spl:fix: Prevent from a build error on boards, which don't support FDTƁukasz Majewski
2012-12-11exynos: Enable hashing functions and EDID for smdk5250Simon Glass
2012-12-11tpm: Add TPM stress testLuigi Semenzato
2012-12-11console: Enable function to display console infoSimon Glass
2012-12-11Add console command to access io space registersVadim Bendebury
2012-12-11fdt: edid: Enable fdt_add_edid() function when CONFIG_LCD definedTom Wai-Hong Tam
2012-12-11edid: Add I2C command for printing the EDIDTom Wai-Hong Tam
2012-12-11edid: Library of EDID decode and printTom Wai-Hong Tam
2012-12-11Add hash command to perform hashing using various algorithmsSimon Glass
2012-12-11sha1sum: Use generic hash layerSimon Glass
2012-12-11Add generic hash APISimon Glass
2012-12-11Add strcasecmp() and strncasecmp()Simon Glass
2012-12-11sha256: Use const where possible and add watchdog functionSimon Glass
2012-12-11sha1: Use const where possible, and unsigned for input lenSimon Glass
2012-12-11stdio: remove useless strncpyVincent Palatin
2012-12-11Fix use of conditional LMBSimon Glass
2012-12-11Add a command to read raw blocks from a partitionKenneth Waters
2012-12-11Add gettime commandAnton Staaf