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2012-08-14ARM: add Raspberry Pi model B board, using BCM2835 SoClost-arm-commitsStephen Warren
2012-08-14ARM: add basic support for the Broadcom BCM2835 SoCStephen Warren
2012-08-14ARM: arm1176: enable instruction cache in arch_cpu_init()Stephen Warren
2012-08-14README: fix references to config_cmd_default.hStephen Warren
2012-08-14snowball: Adding board specific cache cleanup routineMathieu J. Poirier
2012-08-14armv7: Adding cpu specific cache managmenentMathieu J. Poirier
2012-08-14u8500: Separating mmc config parameters from driverJohn Rigby
2012-08-14u8500: Enabling power to MMC device on AB8500 V2Mathieu J. Poirier
2012-08-14u8500: Moving processor-specific functions to cpu area.Mathieu J. Poirier
2012-08-14snowball: applying power to LAN and GBF controllersMathieu J. Poirier
2012-08-14snowball: Moving to ux500.v2 addess scheme for PRCMU accessMathieu J. Poirier
2012-08-14snowball: Adding CPU clock initialisationMathieu J. Poirier
2012-08-14snowball: Adding architecture dependent initialisationMathieu J. Poirier
2012-08-14u8500: Moving prcmu to cpu directoryMathieu J. Poirier
2012-08-14snowball: Add support for ux500 based snowball boardMathieu J. Poirier
2012-08-14sc_sps_1: Adjust board config to use 'mxs' SoC codeOtavio Salvador
2012-08-14rtc: imxdi: Initial supportBenoît Thébaudeau
2012-08-14MX28: Add SchulerControl SC_SPS_1 platformMarek Vasut
2012-08-14i.MX28: bug fixes in PMU configuration codeStathis Voukelatos
2012-08-14MX28: Move the u-boot.bd info CPUDIR/SOCDIRMarek Vasut
2012-08-14vision2: do not overwrite the consoleFabio Estevam
2012-08-14mx51evk: do not overwrite the consoleFabio Estevam
2012-08-14MX5: mx53loco: do not overwrite the consoleStefano Babic
2012-08-14MX28: Fix MXS MMC DMA issuesMarek Vasut
2012-08-14MX28: Transfer small blocks via PIO in MXS MMCMarek Vasut
2012-08-14MX28: Split out the PIO and DMA transfer functionsMarek Vasut
2012-08-14MX28: Fix up the MMC driver DMA modeMarek Vasut
2012-08-14mxs: rename mx28.c to mxs.c as it is common to i.MX233 and i.MX28 SoCsOtavio Salvador
2012-08-14mxs: Clarify why we poweroff in case of brownout in 5v conflictOtavio Salvador
2012-08-14mxs: Reowork SPL to use 'mxs' prefix for methodsOtavio Salvador
2012-08-14mxs: prefix register structs with 'mxs' prefixOtavio Salvador
2012-08-14mxs: prefix register acessor macros with 'mxs' prefixOtavio Salvador
2012-08-14mxs: reorganize source directory for easy sharing of code in i.MXS SoCsOtavio Salvador
2012-08-14mx28evk: Turn on cachesFabio Estevam
2012-08-14MX28: use a clear name for DDR2 initializationOtavio Salvador
2012-08-14Add support for Bluegiga APX4 Development KitVeli-Pekka Peltola
2012-08-14MX28: extend print_cpuinfo() to use chip informationOtavio Salvador
2012-08-14MX28: SPI: Add DMA transfer supportMarek Vasut
2012-08-14MX28: SPI: Pull out the PIO transfer functionMarek Vasut
2012-08-14MX28: SPI: Refactor spi_xfer a bitMarek Vasut
2012-08-14imx: Use a clear identification of an unidentified CPU typeOtavio Salvador
2012-08-14at91: Add support for taskit AT91SAM9G20 boards.Markus Hubig
2012-08-14Enable the EMAC clock in at91_macb_hw_init().Markus Hubig
2012-08-14MAINTAINERS: fix Andreas Bießmann AVR32 entryAndreas Bießmann
2012-08-14MAINTAINERS: fix entry of Ilko IlievAndreas Bießmann
2012-08-14arm : Atmel : add at91sam9x5ek board supportBo Shen
2012-08-14doc/git-mailrc: update at91 and avr32Andreas Bießmann
2012-08-07am335x_evm: enable SMSC PHY driverIlya Yanok
2012-08-07OMAP3: fix DRAM size for IGEP-based boards.Enric Balletbò i Serra
2012-08-05DaVinci DA8xx: fix set_cpu_clk_info()Laurence Withers