AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2005-08-14Fix build problemsU-Boot-1_1_3Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-14Adjust MAKEALL script for little endian MIPS build testsWolfgang Denk
2005-08-13Code cleanup.Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-13Merge with /home/wd/git/u-boot/masterWolfgang Denk
2005-08-13make "make clean" remove all build resultsWolfgang Denk
2005-08-13Fix compiler warningsWolfgang Denk
2005-08-12Merge with /home/wd/git/u-boot/masterWolfgang Denk
2005-08-12Remove stale file entryWolfgang Denk
2005-08-12Minor code cleanupWolfgang Denk
2005-08-12Add forgotten new fils from latest VoiceBlue updateWolfgang Denk
2005-08-12Make bootretry feature work with hush shell.Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-12Update Hymod Board Database PHP code in "tools" directoryWolfgang Denk
2005-08-12Make "tr" command use POSIX compliant; export HOSTOS make variableWolfgang Denk
2005-08-12Fix Murray Jensen's mail address.Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-12Preserve PHY_BMCR during a soft reset.Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-12VoiceBlue update: eeprom tool can also store firmware version now.Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-12Move the AT91RM9200DK to the ARM Systems list.Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-12Eliminate calls of ARM libgcc.a helper functions _divsi3 and _modsi3Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-12measure_gclk() is needed when DEBUG is enabledWolfgang Denk
2005-08-12Add UPD-Checksum code, fix problem in net.c (return instead of break)Stefan Roese
2005-08-12esd PCI405 board updatedStefan Roese
2005-08-12esd WUH405 and DU405 board updatedStefan Roese
2005-08-12Fix problem in cmd_nand.c (only when defined CFG_NAND_SKIP_BAD_DOT_I)Stefan Roese
2005-08-12Merge with /home/wd/git/u-boot/masterLABEL_2005_08_12_0050Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-11Update AMCC Yosemite to get a consistent setup for all AMCC evalStefan Roese
2005-08-11Changed AMCC Bubinga (405EP) configuration to support 2nd eth portStefan Roese
2005-08-11Add NAND FLASH support for AMCC Bamboo 440EP eval boardStefan Roese
2005-08-10Add configuration for IFM AEV FIFO board.Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-10Add configuration for IFM SPI eval boardWolfgang Denk
2005-08-10Fix CompactFlash problem on HMI1001 boardWolfgang Denk
2005-08-09Make new "mtdparts" code build with older compilersWolfgang Denk
2005-08-09Merge with /home/wd/git/u-boot/masterWolfgang Denk
2005-08-09Fix compiler warnings with older GCC versionsWolfgang Denk
2005-08-08Fix dbau1xxx (= MIPS big and little endian) build options.Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-08Changed CONFIG_440_xx to CONFIG_440xx for a consistent design (405 and linux)Stefan Roese
2005-08-08Add common (with Linux) MTD partition scheme and "mtdparts" commandWolfgang Denk
2005-08-08Fix build problems for PM856 BoardWolfgang Denk
2005-08-08Fix sign extension bug in 'fpga loadb' command;Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-07Fix errors that occur when accessing SystemACE CFWolfgang Denk
2005-08-06Document switching between U-Boot and PlanetCore on RPXliteWolfgang Denk
2005-08-06Fix PowerQUICC II mask detection.Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-06Add support for Altera NIOS DK1C20 boardWolfgang Denk
2005-08-06Add support for ep8248 boardWolfgang Denk
2005-08-06Fix baudrate setting for KGDB on MPC8260Wolfgang Denk
2005-08-06Fix 'mii help' text formattingWolfgang Denk
2005-08-06Fix return code of NFS commandWolfgang Denk
2005-08-06Fix typoWolfgang Denk
2005-08-06Fix compiler warnings in cpu/ppc4xx/usbdev.cWolfgang Denk
2005-08-05Merge with /home/sr/git/u-bootWolfgang Denk
2005-08-05Merge with /home/wd/git/u-boot/jon_loeligerWolfgang Denk