AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-05-10Minor cleanup.LABEL_2006_05_10_1800Wolfgang Denk
2006-05-10Update yosemite configuration to enable flash write buffer supportStefan Roese
2006-05-10Fix compile warnings in common/xyzModem.cStefan Roese
2006-05-10Add support for AMCC 440EP Rev C and 440GR Rev BStefan Roese
2006-05-10OMAP 5912/OSK: update EMIFS CS1 timings:Stefan Roese
2006-05-10Fix REG_MPU_LOAD_TIMER definition in multiple OMAP portsStefan Roese
2006-05-10Update omap5912osk board supportStefan Roese
2006-05-09Fix watchdog issues for ColdFire boards.Wolfgang Denk
2006-05-09Merge with /home/m8/git/u-bootWolfgang Denk
2006-05-09Merge with /home/wd/git/u-boot/masterWolfgang Denk
2006-05-09Add M5271EVB board support.Marian Balakowicz
2006-05-09Make R5200 specific low level initialization board conditional.Marian Balakowicz
2006-05-09Update CPU target identification strings for Coldfire family.Marian Balakowicz
2006-05-09Update register definitions for MCF5271.Marian Balakowicz
2006-05-09Fix serial console support for MCF5271.Marian Balakowicz
2006-05-09Fixes for gcc 3.4 based m68k toolchain,Marian Balakowicz
2006-05-05Fix lowboot support on MCC200 boardWolfgang Denk
2006-05-03Merge with git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/boot/u-boot/galak/u-boot.git#mpc8349emdsWolfgang Denk
2006-05-03Coding Style cleanupWolfgang Denk
2006-05-03Write RTC seconds first to maintain settings integrity perWolfgang Denk
2006-05-03Scheduled for removal: strnicmp() which is unusedWolfgang Denk
2006-05-02Merge with /home/mk/8-benq/u-bootWolfgang Denk
2006-05-02Declare load_serial_ymodem() when using CFG_CMD_LOADB.Wolfgang Denk
2006-04-28Fixed handling of bad checksums with "mkimage -l"Wolfgang Denk
2006-04-27Add support for Freescale M5271: Merge with /work/u-boot.mcf5271Marian Balakowicz
2006-04-25cosmetic: print amount of NAND flash aligned with the other values such asMarkus Klotzbuecher
2006-04-25NAND support for zylonite board + some minor cleanup.Markus Klotzbuecher
2006-04-25delta board: support for magic key detection and handling.Markus Klotzbuecher
2006-04-24Include BC3450 board in configurations in READMEDetlev Zundel
2006-04-21Add support for BC3450 boarddzu@denx.de
2006-04-20Merged MPC8349ADS and MPC8349EMDS ports into MPC8349EMDS port:Kumar Gala
2006-04-20Merge branch 'master' of rsync://rsync.denx.de/git/u-bootKumar Gala
2006-04-19Added missing nand.c for NC650 boarddzu@denx.de
2006-04-19Update for NC650 board. Add NC650 based CP850 configuration.dzu@denx.de
2006-04-18MPC5200: enable snooping of DMA transactions on XLB even if no PCILABEL_2006_04_18_1106Wolfgang Denk
2006-04-16Some code cleanupWolfgang Denk
2006-04-16Merge with /home/hs/U-Boot/u-boot-devWolfgang Denk
2006-04-13Fix Quad UART mapping on MCC200 board due to new HW revisionWolfgang Denk
2006-04-12Merge with /home/m8/git/u-bootWolfgang Denk
2006-04-11* Fix dbau1x00 BoardHeiko Schocher
2006-04-11Fixes common/cmd_flash.c:Heiko Schocher
2006-04-08Fix JFFS2 support for legacy NAND driver.Marian Balakowicz
2006-04-06MCC200 Board: fix flash unprotection code for flash > 32 MB.Wolfgang Denk
2006-04-06Update CHANGELOGWolfgang Denk
2006-04-06Fix Lite500B support: Merge with /home/raj/git/u-boot.l5200b_pciWolfgang Denk
2006-04-06Merge with /home/sr/git/u-boot/cfi-flashWolfgang Denk
2006-04-05Merge with /home/sr/git/u-boot/4xx-sdramWolfgang Denk
2006-04-05Remove dependencies between DoC code and old legacy NAND driver.Marian Balakowicz
2006-04-05Correct PM828_PCI_config Makefile target.Marian Balakowicz
2006-04-03Fix CONFIG_SKIP_LOWLEVEL_INIT dependency in cpu/arm920t/start.SWolfgang Denk