AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2003-05-21Add support for arbitrary bitmaps for TRAB's VFD command;LABEL_2003_05_22_2230wdenk
2003-05-20* Add support for arbitrary bitmaps for TRAB's VFD commandLABEL_2003_05_20_2250wdenk
2003-05-20* Patch by David Updegraff, 22 Apr 2003:LABEL_2003_05_20_1630wdenk
2003-05-20Patch by Christophe Lindheimer, 20 May 2003:wdenk
2003-05-20Fix SDRAM timing on Purple boardwdenk
2003-05-18Add support for CompactFlash on ATC boardwdenk
2003-05-12Patch by Mathijs Haarman, 08 May 2003:LABEL_2003_05_12_2355wdenk
2003-05-12Fix SDRAM initializationwdenk
2003-05-12Add default switch settings.wdenk
2003-05-05Fix ATC board configuration and flash driverwdenk
2003-05-03Fix problem with usage of "true" (undefined in current versions of bfd.h)wdenk
2003-05-03* Add support for Promess ATC boardLABEL_2003_05_03_1700wdenk
2003-04-27* LWMON extensions:wdenk
2003-04-20*** empty log message ***U-Boot-0_3_1wdenk
2003-04-20Make compile cleanwdenk
2003-04-20Add files needed for bitmap load supportwdenk
2003-04-20Compile fixeswdenk
2003-04-20* Make sure Block Lock Bits get cleared in R360MPI flash driverwdenk
2003-04-12* Patch by Lutz Dennig, 10 Apr 2003:LABEL_2003_04_15_1900wdenk
2003-04-10Patch from Stefan Roese.stroese
2003-04-10Changed DHCP client to use ip address from server option field #54 from the O...stroese
2003-04-10Add support for TQM862L moduleswdenk
2003-04-08Prepare for 0.3.0 releaseU-Boot-0_3_0wdenk
2003-04-05* Patch by Arun Dharankar, 4 Apr 2003:LABEL_2003_04_05_0300wdenk
2003-04-04Patch from Stefan Roese.stroese
2003-04-04Changed CPCI405 to use CTS instead of DSR on PPC405 UART1.stroese
2003-04-04U-Boot version environment variable "ver" added (CONFIG_VERSION_VARIABLE).stroese
2003-04-04Changed PPC405GPr version from A to B.stroese
2003-04-04U-Boot version environment variable "ver" added (CONFIG_VERSION_VARIABLE).stroese
2003-04-04U-Boot version environment variable "ver" added (CONFIG_VERSION_VARIABLE).stroese
2003-03-31* Patch by Martin Winistoerfer, 23 Mar 2003wdenk
2003-03-31* Patch by Arun Dharankar, 24 Mar 2003:wdenk
2003-03-28Patches by Dave Ellis, 18 Mar 2003 for SXNI855T board:wdenk
2003-03-27Fix MIPS build problemLABEL_2003_03_27_1900wdenk
2003-03-27* Add support for MIPS32 4Kc CPUswdenk
2003-03-26Make compile clean, fix the usual small problems.LABEL_2003_03_26_1300wdenk
2003-03-26esd PCI405 updated.stroese
2003-03-26* Patch by Rick Bronson, 16 Mar 2003:wdenk
2003-03-25*** empty log message ***LABEL_2003_03_25_1830wdenk
2003-03-25Add PCI support for MPC8250 Boards (PM825 module)wdenk
2003-03-25Patch by Stefan Roese , 25 Mar 2003.stroese
2003-03-25BSP-Command for esd PCI405 added.stroese
2003-03-25esd PCI405 updated.stroese
2003-03-20Patch by Stefan Roese , 20 Mar 2003.stroese
2003-03-20CPCI4052 update (support for revision 3).stroese
2003-03-20Added edge conditioning register (ecr) for PPC405GPr.stroese
2003-03-20Clip udiv to 5 bits on PPC405 (serial.c).stroese
2003-03-20Set edge conditioning circuitry on PPC405GPr for compatibility to existing PP...stroese
2003-03-14Add files that were forgottenLABEL_2003_03_14_2150wdenk
2003-03-14* Avoid flicker on the TRAB's VFD by synchronizing the enable withwdenk