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-i386 port missing features:
-* i386 cleaness (wbinvld is 486+ ... )
-* Pentium TSC timer/udelay
-* setup the BIOS data area and BIOS equipment word to reflect machine config.
-* Make reset work (from Linux and from the boot prompt)
-* DMA, FDC, RTC, KBC initialization
-* split of part of arch/i386/cpu/interrupt.c to cpu/i385/entry.c?
-* re-entry of protected mode from real mode, should be added to realmode_switch.S
- (and used by INT 10h and INT 16h handlers for console I/O during early
- linux boot...)
-* missing functions in arch/i386/lib and arch/i386/cpu
-* speaker beep interface
-SC520 missing features:
-* Watchdog
-* SC520 timer/udelay
-* SC520 3rd PIC
-* SC520 ICE serial
-* SC520 MMCR reset
-SC520 CDP board support missing features:
-* environment in sram
-SC520 CDP board support bugs:
-* SPI EEPROM support does not work
-* 0x680 LEDS dos not work for me
-* is it possible to make both the internal serial ports and the
- ports on the sio work at the same time?