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diff --git a/board/trab/tsc2000.h b/board/trab/tsc2000.h
index 4f118692c..e6efe1839 100644
--- a/board/trab/tsc2000.h
+++ b/board/trab/tsc2000.h
@@ -28,8 +28,6 @@
#ifndef _TSC2000_H_
#define _TSC2000_H_
-#include "Pt1000_temp_data.h"
/* temperature channel multiplexer definitions */
#define CON_MUX0 (gpio->PCCON = (gpio->PCCON & 0x0FFFFFCFF) | 0x00000100)
#define CLR_MUX0 (gpio->PCDAT &= 0x0FFEF)
@@ -116,17 +114,17 @@
#define ERROR_BATTERY 220 /* must be adjusted, if R68 is changed on
* TRAB */
-static void tsc2000_write(unsigned short, unsigned short);
-static unsigned short tsc2000_read (unsigned short);
-static u16 tsc2000_read_channel (unsigned int);
-static void tsc2000_set_mux (unsigned int);
-static void tsc2000_set_range (unsigned int);
+void tsc2000_write(unsigned short, unsigned short);
+unsigned short tsc2000_read (unsigned short);
+u16 tsc2000_read_channel (unsigned int);
+void tsc2000_set_mux (unsigned int);
+void tsc2000_set_range (unsigned int);
void tsc2000_reg_init (void);
s32 tsc2000_contact_temp (void);
-static void spi_wait_transmit_done (void);
+void spi_wait_transmit_done (void);
void spi_init(void);
-static int tsc2000_interpolate(long value, long data[][2], long *result);
-static void adc_wait_conversion_done(void);
+int tsc2000_interpolate(long value, long data[][2], long *result);
+void adc_wait_conversion_done(void);
static inline void SET_CS_TOUCH(void)