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authorLiu Hui-R64343 <r64343@freescale.com>2011-02-22 21:26:09 +0000
committerAlbert ARIBAUD <albert.u.boot@aribaud.net>2011-04-27 19:38:05 +0200
commitec665d75a7868449051d1c00849c3b363b8cf915 (patch)
treee57ede513431b7ceeb4acd2c8986a9506a68167f /boards.cfg
parent9aa720b1454ce0f4dab78ee5b81a5405c287e180 (diff)
MX53: drop config.mk from mx53evk
The config.mk file in board directory is now obsolete and should be removed. Add option for the IMX image into boards.cfg Signed-off-by: Jason Liu <r64343@freescale.com>
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diff --git a/boards.cfg b/boards.cfg
index b470bae7b..1c4e05baa 100644
--- a/boards.cfg
+++ b/boards.cfg
@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ dkb arm arm926ejs - Marvell pantheon
ca9x4_ct_vxp arm armv7 vexpress armltd
efikamx arm armv7 efikamx - mx5
mx51evk arm armv7 mx51evk freescale mx5 mx51evk:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/mx51evk/imximage.cfg
-mx53evk arm armv7 mx53evk freescale mx5
+mx53evk arm armv7 mx53evk freescale mx5 mx53evk:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/mx53evk/imximage.cfg
vision2 arm armv7 vision2 ttcontrol mx5
cm_t35 arm armv7 cm_t35 - omap3
omap3_overo arm armv7 overo - omap3