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+This file contains status information for the port of U-Boot to the
+Galileo Evaluation Board.
+Author: Josh Huber <huber@mclx.com>
+ Mission Critical Linux, Inc.
+The support for the Galileo Evaluation board is fairly minimal now.
+It's sufficient to boot Linux, but doesn't provide too much more than
+what's required to do this.
+Both DUART channels are supported (to use the second one, you have to
+modify the board -- see the schematics for where to solder on the
+devices module). The ethernet ports are supported, and the MPSC is
+supported as a console driver. (keep in mind that the kernel has no
+support for this yet)
+There are still occaisonal lockups with the MPSC console driver due to
+(we think!) overrun problems. If you're looking for something stable
+to use for Linux development, consider sticking with the DUART console
+for now.
+Automatic memory sizing mostly works. We've had problems with some
+combinations of memory. Please send us email if you're having trouble
+with respect to the memory detection.
+Right now, only the 512k boot flash is supported. Support for the
+16MB flash on the devices module is forthcoming. Right now the flash
+is stored at the 256k boundry in flash, wasting a whole sector (64k!)
+for environment data. This isn't really a big deal since we're not
+using the 512k for anything else. (Just U-Boot and the environment)
+Finally, here is a sample output session:
+U-Boot 1.0.0-pre1 (Jun 6 2001 - 12:45:11)
+ CPU: MPC7400 (altivec enabled) v2.9
+ Board: EVB64260
+ DRAM: 256 MB
+ FLASH: 512 kB
+ In: serial
+ Out: serial
+ Err: serial
+The default configuration should be correct for the evaluation board,
+as it's shipped from Galileo. Keep in mind that the default baudrate
+is set to 38400, 8N1.
+Good luck, and make sure to send any bugreports to us (or the
+u-boot-users list).
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+The EVB-64260-750CX is quite similar to the EVB-64260-BP already
+supported except the following differences:
+* It has an IBM-750CXe soldiered on board instead of the slot-1 in the
+ BP.
+* It has a single PCI male connector instead of the 4 PCI female
+ connectors on the BP. It also gets power trough the PCI connector.
+* It has only a single DIMM slot instead of the 2 slots in the BP.