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@@ -536,25 +536,6 @@ The following options need to be configured:
must be defined, to setup the maximum idle timeout for
the SMC.
-- Interrupt driven serial port input:
- PPC405GP only.
- Use an interrupt handler for receiving data on the
- serial port. It also enables using hardware handshake
- (RTS/CTS) and UART's built-in FIFO. Set the number of
- bytes the interrupt driven input buffer should have.
- Leave undefined to disable this feature, including
- disable the buffer and hardware handshake.
-- Console UART Number:
- AMCC PPC4xx only.
- If defined internal UART1 (and not UART0) is used
- as default U-Boot console.
- Boot Delay: CONFIG_BOOTDELAY - in seconds
Delay before automatically booting the default image;
set to -1 to disable autoboot.
@@ -2368,6 +2349,14 @@ Configuration Settings:
on high Ethernet traffic.
Defaults to 4 if not defined.
+ Maximum number of entries in the hash table that is used
+ internally to store the environment settings. The default
+ setting is supposed to be generous and should work in most
+ cases. This setting can be used to tune behaviour; see
+ lib/hashtable.c for details.
The following definitions that deal with the placement and management
of environment data (variable area); in general, we support the
following configurations: