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Armada100: Add Board Support for Marvell Aspenite-DB
Aspenite is a Development Board for ASPEN/ARMADA168(88AP168) with * Processor upto 1.2GHz * Parallel 1Gb x8 DDR2-1066 MHz * 16 Mb x16 NOR, 4Gb x8 SLC NAND, footprint for SPI NOR * Footprints for eMMC/eSD NAND & MMC x8 card * 4-in-1 card reader (xD, MMC/SD/MS Pro), CF True IDE socket * SEAF memory board, subset of PISMO2 With Peripherals: * 4.3” WVGA 24-bit LCD * Audio codecs (AC97 & I2S), TSI * VGA camera * Video in via 3 RCA jacks, and HDMI type C out * Marvell 88W8688 802.11bg/BT module * GPS RF IC * Dual analog mics & speakers, headset jack, LED, ambient light sensor * USB2.0 HS host (A), OTG (micro AB) * FE PHY, PCIE Mini Card slot * GPIO, GPIO expander with DIP switches for easier selection UART serial over USB, CIR This patch adds basic board support with DRAM and UART functionality The patch is tested for boot from DRAM using XDB Signed-off-by: Mahavir Jain <mjain@marvell.com> Signed-off-by: Prafulla Wadaskar <prafulla@marvell.com>
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ap926ejs \
ap946es \
ap966 \
+ aspenite \
cp920t \
cp922_XA10 \
cp926ejs \