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omap3_beagle: enable the use of a plain text file
Using the new env import command it is possible to use plain text files instead of script-images. Plain text files are much easier to handle. E.g. If your boot.scr contains the following: ----------------------------------- setenv dvimode 1024x768-16@60 run loaduimage run mmcboot ----------------------------------- you could create a file named uEnv.txt and use that instead of boot.scr: ----------------------------------- dvimode=1024x768-16@60 uenvcmd=run loaduimage; run mmcboot ----------------------------------- The variable uenvcmd (if existent) will be executed (using run) after uEnv.txt was loaded. If uenvcmd doesn't exist the default boot sequence will be started, therefore you could just use ----------------------------------- dvimode=1024x768-16@60 ----------------------------------- as uEnv.txt because loaduimage and mmcboot is part of the default boot sequence Signed-off-by: Jason Kridner <jkridner@beagleboard.org> Signed-off-by: Sandeep Paulraj <s-paulraj@ti.com>
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