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authorBen Gardiner <bengardiner@nanometrics.ca>2011-06-14 16:35:07 -0400
committerScott Wood <scottwood@freescale.com>2011-07-01 15:56:51 -0500
commitc9494866df835bcee68e17339aec1090faa704da (patch)
parent169d54d8b33b4d06d6f215e2b312a0b18f7909dc (diff)
cmd_nand: add nand write.trimffs command
Add another nand write. variant, trimffs. This command will request of nand_write_skip_bad() that all trailing all-0xff pages will be dropped from eraseblocks when they are written to flash as-per the reccommended behaviour of the UBI FAQ [1]. The function that implements this timming is the drop_ffs() function by Artem Bityutskiy, ported from the mtd-utils tree. [1] http://www.linux-mtd.infradead.org/doc/ubi.html#L_flasher_algo Signed-off-by: Ben Gardiner <bengardiner@nanometrics.ca> CC: Artem Bityutskiy <dedekind1@gmail.com> CC: Detlev Zundel <dzu@denx.de> Acked-by: Scott Wood <scottwood@freescale.com> Signed-off-by: Scott Wood <scottwood@freescale.com>
2 files changed, 26 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/common/cmd_nand.c b/common/cmd_nand.c
index 27a88796e..b767cd287 100644
--- a/common/cmd_nand.c
+++ b/common/cmd_nand.c
@@ -575,6 +575,16 @@ int do_nand(cmd_tbl_t * cmdtp, int flag, int argc, char * const argv[])
ret = nand_write_skip_bad(nand, off, &rwsize,
(u_char *)addr, 0);
+ } else if (!strcmp(s, ".trimffs")) {
+ if (read) {
+ printf("Unknown nand command suffix '%s'\n", s);
+ return 1;
+ }
+ ret = nand_write_skip_bad(nand, off, &rwsize,
+ (u_char *)addr,
} else if (!strcmp(s, ".yaffs")) {
if (read) {
@@ -689,6 +699,12 @@ U_BOOT_CMD(
"nand write - addr off|partition size\n"
" read/write 'size' bytes starting at offset 'off'\n"
" to/from memory address 'addr', skipping bad blocks.\n"
+ "nand write.trimffs - addr off|partition size\n"
+ " write 'size' bytes starting at offset 'off' from memory address\n"
+ " 'addr', skipping bad blocks and dropping any pages at the end\n"
+ " of eraseblocks that contain only 0xFF\n"
"nand write.yaffs - addr off|partition size\n"
" write 'size' bytes starting at offset 'off' with yaffs format\n"
diff --git a/doc/README.nand b/doc/README.nand
index 8eedb6c4d..751b69384 100644
--- a/doc/README.nand
+++ b/doc/README.nand
@@ -78,6 +78,16 @@ Commands:
should work well, but loading an image copied from another flash is
going to be trouble if there are any bad blocks.
+ nand write.trimffs addr ofs|partition size
+ Enabled by the CONFIG_CMD_NAND_TRIMFFS macro. This command will write to
+ the NAND flash in a manner identical to the 'nand write' command
+ described above -- with the additional check that all pages at the end
+ of eraseblocks which contain only 0xff data will not be written to the
+ NAND flash. This behaviour is required when flashing UBI images
+ containing UBIFS volumes as per the UBI FAQ[1].
+ [1] http://www.linux-mtd.infradead.org/doc/ubi.html#L_flasher_algo
nand write.oob addr ofs|partition size
Write `size' bytes from `addr' to the out-of-band data area
corresponding to `ofs' in NAND flash. This is limited to the 16 bytes