BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.xCherry-pick: Fix a bug in the MacroAssembler CSEL helpers.Alexandre Rames23 months
dt-printerUse DtPrinter to print some data types.Vincent Belliard8 months
masterInitial Support + FMOV [FP16]Carey Williams3 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysInitial Support + FMOV [FP16]HEADmasterCarey Williams
7 daysAdd support for Load/Store LORegion instructions.Alexander Gilday
7 daysAdd support for dot product instructions.Alexander Gilday
10 daysAdd support for compare and swap in memory instructions.Alexander Gilday
13 daysAdd ubsan option for compilation and fix ubsan errors.Vincent Belliard
2018-04-11Extract FP utility functions from SimulatorCarey Williams
2018-04-10Add support for SQRDMLAH and SQRDMLSH.Alexander Gilday
2018-04-04Place the Uint{32,64,128} and Int64 types in the internal namespacePierre Langlois
2018-03-22Fix clang-format issues in 8.3 tests.Carey Williams
2018-03-22v8.3 Complex Numbers SupportCarey Williams