BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.xCherry-pick: Fix a bug in the MacroAssembler CSEL helpers.Alexandre Rames2 years
dt-printerUse DtPrinter to print some data types.Vincent Belliard14 months
masterAdd support for the FHM extension.Jacob Bramley7 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysAdd support for the FHM extension.HEADmasterJacob Bramley
2018-10-03Add support for DCPoP (CVAP).Jacob Bramley
2018-10-02Extend CPUFeatures to support Armv8.4.Jacob Bramley
2018-09-26Give CPUFeatures::kNone a stable value.Jacob Bramley
2018-09-24Enable FP16 NaN tests.Jacob Bramley
2018-09-19Add support for features up to Armv8.3.Jacob Bramley
2018-09-19Support --disassemble in simulator tests.Jacob Bramley
2018-09-13Tests for Simulator CPU feature control.Jacob Bramley
2018-09-11Use PrintDisassembler for --disassemble.Jacob Bramley
2018-09-06Check CPU features in the Simulator and Disassembler.Jacob Bramley