path: root/SITE1/HBI0262C
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-20Rename bl*0.bin to scp_bl*.binRyan Harkin
2016-04-13Move juno*.dtb in NORRyan Harkin
2016-04-13add selftest applicationRyan Harkin
2015-12-03images.txt: move startup.nsh to a fixed addressRyan Harkin
2015-11-12Juno R1 images.txt whitespace cleanupRyan Harkin
2015-11-12Add startup.nsh to images.txtRyan Harkin
2015-11-09Rename blank.img to BOOTENV in NOR flashRyan Harkin
2015-06-05Add blank.img to provide zero default UEFI configarmlt-juno-15.06armlt-juno-15.05armlt-20150521armlt-15.06armlt-15.05juno-15.06juno-15.05Ryan Harkin
2015-05-20rename ramdisk to ramdisk.img in NORRyan Harkin
2015-05-20juno: use NOR?NAME to rename Image to norkernRyan Harkin
2015-05-20juno: save DTB file in NOR as board.dtbRyan Harkin
2015-05-13remove Juno R1 DTB filesRyan Harkin
2015-05-11move DTB file in NOR to allow larger kernelsRyan Harkin
2015-05-11rename Image to norkernRyan Harkin
2015-05-11add ramdisk to NOR imagesRyan Harkin
2015-05-11add board_recovery_image_0.11.3.zipjuno-0.11.3Ryan Harkin