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authorRyan Harkin <>2013-06-14 13:43:09 +0100
committerRyan Harkin <>2013-06-14 13:50:47 +0100
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Linaro Firmware for 13.03 release
Updated the UEFI binaries for TC2, TC1 and A5. Also updated board.txt for TC2 so that the board boots from the A7 cluster by default. This change is reflected in the UEFI binary. Old er UEFI binaries will not work in this configuration. Signed-off-by: Ryan Harkin <>
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diff --git a/SITE1/HBI0249A/board.txt b/SITE1/HBI0249A/board.txt
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--- a/SITE1/HBI0249A/board.txt
+++ b/SITE1/HBI0249A/board.txt
@@ -38,14 +38,14 @@ TOTALSCCS: 32 ;Total Number of SCC registers
SCC: 0x01C 0xFF00FF00 ;CFGRW3 - SMC CS6/7 N/U
SCC: 0x118 0x01CD1011 ;CFGRW17 - HDLCD PLL external bypass
-;SCC: 0x700 0x00320003 ;CFGRW48 - [25:24]Boot CPU [28]Boot Cluster (default CA7_0)
-SCC: 0x700 0x0032F003 ;CFGRW48 - [25:24]Boot CPU [28]Boot Cluster (default CA7_0)
+SCC: 0x700 0x1032F003 ;CFGRW48 - [25:24]Boot CPU [28]Boot Cluster (default CA7_0)
; Bootmon configuration:
; [15]: A7 Event stream generation (default: disabled)
; [14]: A15 Event stream generation (default: disabled)
; [13]: Power down the non-boot cluster (default: disabled)
; [12]: Use per-cpu mailboxes for power management (default: disabled)
; [11]: A15 executes WFEs as nops (default: disabled)
+ ; [ 4]: Erase UEFI variable storage in NOR flash
SCC: 0x400 0x33330c00 ;CFGREG41 - A15 configuration register 0 (Default 0x33330c80)
; [29:28] SPNIDEN