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Update ARM-TF and U-Boot BL33 binary
This commit updates the ARM-TF BL1 and FIP binaries and the u-boot version of the BL33 and FIP binaries. The UEFI BL33 binary is static and from the ARMLT 16.01 release [1]: 131aec0 2016-01-21 juno: use earlycon [Ryan Harkin] ARM-TF is at the latest available commit: cef7b3c 2016-12-23 Merge pull request #798 from douglas-raillard-arm/dr/fix_std_smc_after_suspend [davidcunado-arm] OPTEE commits are reverted to the 2.2.0 release: optee_os: c0c5d39 2016-10-01 Update for 2.2.0 [Jerome Forissier] optee_client: 658ae53 2016-07-18 build: print 'LINK' rather than 'LD' when $(LD) is not used directly [Jerome Forissier] optee_linuxdriver: 3a43adc 2016-05-10 doc: optee_linuxdriver has been deprecated [Joakim Bech] U-Boot comes from the ARMlT tree [2]: ed4c716 2016-12-01 Add vexpress_aemv8a_aarch32 variant [Ryan Harkin] The SCP binary came from this repo: 6a5899f 2017-01-10 remove juno-16.12-linaro1 marker file [Ryan Harkin] [1] [2] Signed-off-by: Ryan Harkin <>
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