BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
14.1014.10: update various date refsRyan Harkin4 years
14.1114.11: update date refsRyan Harkin4 years
14.1214.12: update date refsRyan Harkin4 years
15.0115.01: update date refsRyan Harkin3 years
15.0215.02: vexpress to use pinned-manifest.xml alsoRyan Harkin3 years
15.0315.03: Cleanup Build instructions:Vishal Bhoj3 years
15.0415.04: checkout branch rather than tagRyan Harkin3 years
15.0515.05: remove android/images/armv8-*Ryan Harkin3 years
15.0715.07: account for YY.MM in dir structureRyan Harkin3 years
master15.07: account for YY.MM in dir structureRyan Harkin3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-07-2815.07: account for YY.MM in dir structureHEADmaster15.07Ryan Harkin
2015-07-2815.07: remove unused android and components dirsRyan Harkin
2015-07-0215.07: remove GCC version infoRyan Harkin
2015-07-0215.07: use Ubuntu 14.10Ryan Harkin
2015-05-2715.05: remove android/images/armv8-*15.05Ryan Harkin
2015-05-2215.05: update date refsRyan Harkin
2015-04-2715.04: checkout branch rather than tag15.04Ryan Harkin
2015-03-1815.03: Cleanup Build instructions:15.03Vishal Bhoj
2015-03-1615.03: update date refsRyan Harkin
2015-02-2515.02: vexpress to use pinned-manifest.xml also15.02Ryan Harkin