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2012-05-23Cleanup whitespace errors.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-23GNU indent pass over C and header files.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Virqmig: Added virq migration support.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Hotplug: Add cpu hotplug support to the virtualizer.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Hotplug: Add a cpu mask argument to event functions.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-02-16GNU indent pass over C and header files.Robin Randhawa
2012-02-10Update Copyright information.Dietmar Eggemann
2011-12-20Updated to release v2.1.Robin Randhawa
2011-10-12Initial commit of the virtualizer v2.0 release.Robin Randhawa