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2012-05-23Cleanup whitespace errors.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-23GNU indent pass over C and header files.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-23Enforce supported cluster setup during build process.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-23Re-arrange hvc furnction numbers.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-23switcher: Fix incorrect modifiers in the GIC save/restore codeDave Martin
2012-05-23switcher: Fix invalid use of memcpy() on I/O memoryDave Martin
2012-05-23Debug S&R cp14: BUGFIX: Use correct data structure for context s&rAchin Gupta
2012-05-23Debug S&R cp14: Added helper functions and their prototypesAchin Gupta
2012-05-23Added support for Save & Restore of v7 Debug contextAchin Gupta
2012-05-23HCDR.HPMN was not initialized with the right value. Fixed.Giuseppe Calderaro
2012-05-23Fixed PMCR event counters number on first cluster switch.Giuseppe Calderaro
2012-05-23PMU_CONF_RESET_COUNTER was not enabling PMCR.E bit. Now fixed.Giuseppe Calderaro
2012-05-23Cosmetic changes following code reviewGiuseppe Calderaro
2012-05-23Completed hvc interface implementation.Giuseppe Calderaro
2012-05-23vsm: PMU handling.Giuseppe Calderaro
2012-05-23vsm: preparation for PMU handling.Giuseppe Calderaro
2012-05-23vsm: changed HVC calling convention.Giuseppe Calderaro
2012-05-23Hide differences in I-cache Topology.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-23Introduce BOOT_CLUSTER to the switcher.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-23Migrate CSSELR from host to target.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-23Change default ASYNC to FALSE.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Virq mig: Clean desc field after enqueuing of virtual interrupt.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Virq mig: Set own cpu_id for VIRQ_MIG_DONE event.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Set FM_BETA to false.v2.3Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Change file mode for 100755 to 100644 for various source files.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Debug: Added support for Save & Restore of v7 Debug contextDietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Virqmig: Fixed code to find out whether an irq has been migratedAchin Gupta
2012-05-22Virqmig: Added support for migrating sw maintained virqsDietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Virqmig: Complete interoperability with hotplug.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Change extern declaration for async_switchover.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Virqmig: Added virq migration support.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Generic IPI support for Virtualizer communicationDietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Hotplug: Introduce functionality to KFSCB trap handling.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Hotplug: Add cpu hotplug support to the virtualizer.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Hotplug: Add a cpu mask argument to event functions.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Introduce a trap handler for KFSCB accesses.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Introduce l3 page table and 4K mapping for the KFSCB.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Use VALID_MAPPING as part of the attributes of the l3 descriptor.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Bugfix: Calculate l2_desc correctly.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-05-22Bugfix: Fix race condition during enabling CCI coherency.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-02-16GNU indent pass over C and header files.Robin Randhawa
2012-02-14Rename struct cache_geom member ccselr to csselr since it is related to CSSEL...Dietmar Eggemann
2012-02-10Update Copyright information.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-02-09Bugfix: Create second 4KB 2nd stage mapping for VGIC.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-02-09Bugfix: Calculate l2_desc in Add4KMapping correctly.Dietmar Eggemann
2012-02-07Bugfix: Issue a DCCISW when DCCISW was trapped.Dietmar Eggemann
2011-12-20Updated to release v2.1.Robin Randhawa
2011-10-12Initial commit of the virtualizer v2.0 release.Robin Randhawa