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last changeWed, 23 Apr 2014 22:55:23 +0000 (23:55 +0100)
4 hours ago  Mark BrownMerge branch 'v3.10/topic/cpufreq' of git://git.linaro... linux-linaro-lsk linux-linaro-lsk-v3.10
4 hours ago  Mark Browncpufreq: suspend governors on system suspend/hibernate v3.10/topic/cpufreq
6 days ago  Mark BrownMerge branches 'v3.10/topic/tc2' and 'v3.10/topic/arm64... lsk-14.04
6 days ago  Ryan Harkinamba-clcd: set video mode via module parameter on kerne... v3.10/topic/tc2
6 days ago  Ryan Harkinarm64: dtbs: add VGA panel description v3.10/topic/arm64-fvp
7 days ago  Mark BrownMerge branch 'v3.10/topic/arm64-dma' of git://git.linar...
7 days ago  Catalin Marinasarm64: Implement coherent DMA API based on swiotlb v3.10/topic/arm64-dma
7 days ago  Stefano Stabelliniarm64: define DMA_ERROR_CODE
7 days ago  Ritesh Harjaniarm64: Change misleading function names in dma-mapping
7 days ago  Damian Hobson... arm64: Provide default implementation for dma_{alloc...
9 days ago  Alex ShiMerge tag 'v3.10.37' into linux-linaro-lsk
9 days ago  Mark BrownMerge branches 'v3.10/topic/configs' and 'v3.10/topic...
9 days ago  Mark Brownconfigs: Turn on huge TLB options v3.10/topic/configs
9 days ago  Mark Brownarm64: Fix build for __PAGE_NONE define v3.10/topic/arm64-hugepages
9 days ago  Mark BrownMerge tag 'hugepages-v8-for-stable-20140305' of git...
9 days ago  Greg Kroah... Linux 3.10.37
4 hours ago lsk-android-14.04 lsk-android 14.04
4 hours ago lsk-14.04 lsk-14.04 release
3 weeks ago lsk-14.03 lsk 14.03 release
3 weeks ago lsk-android-14.03 lsk 14.03 Android release
8 weeks ago lsk-android-14.02 lsk 14.02 Android release
8 weeks ago lsk-14.02 lsk 14.02 release
2 months ago lsk-14.01 lsk 14.01 release
2 months ago lsk-android-14.01 lsk android 14.01 release
4 months ago lsk-android-13.12 lsk 13.12 Android release
4 months ago lsk-13.12 lsk 13.12 release
4 months ago lsk-vexpress-13.12 lsk-13.12 special release for vexpress
4 months ago lsk-android-vexpress-13.12 lsk-13.12 Android special vexpress...
4 months ago lsk-android-13.11 lsk-android 13.11
4 months ago lsk-13.11 lsk 13.11
5 months ago lsk-android-13.10 lsk android 13.10 release
5 months ago lsk-13.10 lsk 13.10 release
4 hours ago linux-linaro-lsk-android
4 hours ago linux-linaro-lsk-v3.10-android
4 hours ago linux-linaro-lsk
4 hours ago linux-linaro-lsk-v3.10
4 hours ago v3.10/topic/cpufreq
2 days ago v3.10/topic/CMA
6 days ago linux-linaro-lsk-test
6 days ago v3.10/topic/tc2
6 days ago v3.10/topic/arm64-fvp
7 days ago linux-linaro-lsk-android-test
7 days ago v3.10/topic/arm64-dma
9 days ago v3.10/topic/configs
9 days ago v3.10/topic/arm64-hugepages
9 days ago v3.10/topic/tagged-pointers
13 days ago v3.10/topic/gator
2 weeks ago v3.10/topic/aosp-warnings