descriptionGeneric DDX driver for ARM SoCs; based on upstream OMAP driver.
last changeFri, 29 Nov 2013 14:24:17 +0000 (14:24 +0000)
2013-11-29  Dave BarnishChipset is now reported as 'Mali'. master
2013-11-21  Dave BarnishFix leaks in ARMSOCCloseScreen
2013-11-14  Dave BarnishFor Exynos, always request non-contiguous buffers.
2013-11-05  Dave BarnishUse EXYNOS_GEM_CREATE when allocating buffers
2013-10-31  Dave BarnishUse flag settings for a non-scanout buffer in all cases...
2013-10-10  Javier MartinChange custom GEM creation flags for pl111.
2013-10-03  Dave BarnishIn drmmode_output_init() check possible_crtcs for all...
2013-09-26  Liyou ZhouEnsure the change of window flippablity before the...
2013-09-25  Dave BarnishRemoved unnecessary call to drmModeGetCrtc() in drmmode...
2013-09-16  Javier MartinRemove ARGB to LBBP format conversion for pl111.
2013-09-13  Dave BarnishOn drmModeSetCrtc() fail, revert to last good settings
2013-09-12  Javier MartinAdd support for standard HW cursor API.
2013-09-11  David GarbettAdd InitFromFBDev xorg.conf option
2013-09-11  David GarbettAdd dependency on pixman
2013-09-03  Dave BarnishSeparate modeset fallbacks are retained for each crtc
2013-09-02  Dave BarnishFix build failure when XF86_SCRN_INTERFACE defined
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2 years ago 0.3.0
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