llvm/llvm.git[no description]51 min.
llvm/lnt.git[no description]9 days
llvm/openmp.git[no description]39 hours
llvm/test-suite.git[no description]2 days
llvm/zorg.git[no description]2 weeks
luajit-aarch64.git[no description]22 months
matrix-profile.git[no description]3 months
new-repo.git[no description]23 months
newlib.git2 days
newlib.git.bkLinaro newlib 22 months
release-notes.gitToolchain WG components release notes 4 months
schroot-image-scripts.git[no description]21 months
semiautobench.git[no description]3 years
spec2xxx-utils.gitspec2xxx-utils13 months
tcwg-buildapp.git[no description]4 weeks
tcwg-jenkins.git21 months
tcwg-regression.git[no description]13 days
tcwg-release-tools.gitSet of tools for TCWG releasing purpose7 weeks
tcwgweb.gittcwgweb3 years
arm-probe.gitLinux Arm Energy Probe commandline app 5 weeks
idlestat.gitcount cpu in idle time and period. 11 months
pm-qa.gitLinaro PM-QA tests for platforms 5 months
powerdebug.gitPowerdebug: tool to display information related to the power consumption on the ...6 months
powertop-2.0.gitPowertop: A diagnostic tool which gives information related to power consumtion ...13 months
pytimechart.gitpytimechart staging tree 4 years
smartt.gitSystem Metrics - Annotation Recording and Tracing Tool (SMARTT) 4 years
ci-gcc-linaro-testing.gitConfiguration for gcc-linaro CI 4 years
ci-sysroots.gitdefinitions of sysroots for binary toolchain 4 years
future-linux-linaro-precise-3.2.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 4 years
linux-linaro-oneiric.gitPackaged Linux-linaro kernels for Oneiric 4 years
linux-linaro-precise.gitPackaged Linux-linaro kernels for Precise 4 years
linux-linaro-quantal.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 4 years
linux-linaro-raring.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 4 years
linux-linaro.gitLinaro linux kernel package for maverick 4 years
linux-meta-linaro-natty.gitLinaro linux meta package for natty. 4 years
linux-meta-linaro.gitLinaro linux meta package 2 years
pvr-omap4.gitpvr-omap4 packaging repository for Ubuntu/Linaro (ARMHF) 4 years
uefi-ci-pkg.gitScripts plus packaging for uefi 4 years
LinaroPkg.git[no description]11 months
OpenPlatformPkg.git[no description]8 months
arm-trusted-firmware.git[no description]
edk2-non-osi.gitDO NOT CLONE - Please use the upstream at
edk2-platforms.gitDO NOT CLONE - Please use the upstream at
linaro-edk2-tools.git[no description]2 years
linaro-edk2.git[no description]2 years
releases-instructions.git[no description]2 years
uefi-tools.git[no description]3 weeks
qemu-ranchu.git[no description]
qemu-tz.gitQEMU with WIP TrustZone Support3 years
qemu-tztest.gitTestsuite for QEMU TrustZone support2 years
zephyr.gitDeprecated, not updated. Use 14 months