BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
add-argsuefi-config: add argument supportRyan Harkin6 years
boot-menu-arguefi-config: fix title for Android buildsRyan Harkin6 years
fooedk2-platforms.config: add chaoskey and beagle build targetsLeif Lindholm16 months
masteredk2-platforms.config: Add support for sgi575Nariman Poushin3 months
linaro-release-1207uefi-tools-linaro-release-1207.tar.gz  Ryan Harkin6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-10-31edk2-platforms.config: Add support for sgi575HEADmasterNariman Poushin fix to calculate atf versionHaojian Zhuang add 'executables' commandLeif Lindholm drop openssl import by defaultLeif Lindholm
2018-09-03edk2-platforms.conf: Hisilicon platforms updateLeif Lindholm
2018-08-30add new check-bisect.shLeif Lindholm add strict build modeLeif Lindholm
2018-06-16edk2-platforms.config: add new Armada platformsLeif Lindholm
2018-04-25edk2-platforms.config: add helloworld targetLeif Lindholm Copy images to UEFI dirVictor Chong