BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
add-argsuefi-config: add argument supportRyan Harkin6 years
boot-menu-arguefi-config: fix title for Android buildsRyan Harkin6 years
fooedk2-platforms.config: add chaoskey and beagle build targetsLeif Lindholm11 months
masteredk2-platforms.config: add new Armada platformsLeif Lindholm2 months
linaro-release-1207uefi-tools-linaro-release-1207.tar.gz  Ryan Harkin6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-16edk2-platforms.config: add new Armada platformsHEADmasterLeif Lindholm
2018-04-25edk2-platforms.config: add helloworld targetLeif Lindholm Copy images to UEFI dirVictor Chong Read TOS_ARCH from config file..Victor Chong
2018-03-29platforms.config: Fix spacingVictor Chong
2018-03-21edk2-platforms.config: hikey960: Add UART5 optionVictor Chong
2018-03-21edk2-platforms.config: hikey*: Set TOS_BIN_EXTRA{1,2}Victor Chong
2018-03-21atf, opteed: Support BL32_EXTRA1 and BL32_EXTRA2Victor Chong Remove copy of images to UEFI dirVictor Chong
2018-03-21platforms.config: hikey: Change default TOS_BINVictor Chong