BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
add-argsuefi-config: add argument supportRyan Harkin5 years
boot-menu-arguefi-config: fix title for Android buildsRyan Harkin5 years
masterplatforms.config: hikey: Add note for upstream atf usageVictor Chong12 hours
linaro-release-1207uefi-tools-linaro-release-1207.tar.gz  Ryan Harkin5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 hoursplatforms.config: hikey: Add note for upstream atf usageHEADmasterVictor Chong
2017-08-31add git-hooks directory and pre-push scriptLeif Lindholm
2017-08-23Detangle TOOLS_DIR resolutionLeif Lindholm
2017-08-17platforms.config: hikey960: Build OP-TEE by defaultVictor Chong generate absolute paths from command line argsLeif Lindholm increase number of threads for parallel buildsLeif Lindholm
2017-07-20platforms.config: hikey: Set TOS_PLATFORM_FLAVORVictor Chong fix TOS_BIN valueVictor Chong
2017-06-26edk2-platforms.config: add arm-tf options for fvpLeif Lindholm
2017-06-26add arm-tf support to edk2-build.shLeif Lindholm