BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSwitch Binutils to linaro-local/linaro_binutils-2_28-branch.Yvan Roux2 months
releases/linaro-5.4-2017.05Generated Release Notes for linaro-GCC-5.4-2017.05.Yvan Roux5 months
releases/linaro-6.3-2017.05Generated Release Notes for linaro-GCC-6.3-2017.05.Yvan Roux5 months
releases/linaro-6.4-2017.08Generated Release Notes for linaro-GCC-6.4-2017.08.Yvan Roux7 weeks
releases/linaro-6.4-2017.08-rc1Generated Release Notes for linaro-GCC-6.4-2017.08-rc1.Yvan Roux2 months
releases/linaro-7.1-2017.05Generated Release Notes for linaro-GCC-7.1-2017.05.Yvan Roux4 months
releases/linaro-7.1-2017.05-rc1Fix component versions and NEWS content.Yvan Roux5 months
releases/linaro-7.1-2017.08Generated Release Notes for linaro-GCC-7.1-2017.08.Yvan Roux7 weeks
releases/linaro-7.1-2017.08-rc1Generated Release Notes for linaro-GCC-7.1-2017.08-rc1.Yvan Roux2 months
toolchain-snapshotsToolchain sources: Add release notes for gcc-6-2017.10 snapshot.Yvan Roux2 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-08-09Switch Binutils to linaro-local/linaro_binutils-2_28-branch.HEADmasterYvan Roux
2017-06-07Update templates for GCC 7 series.Yvan Roux
2017-02-15macros: Add spaces after bullet list first sentence.Ryan S. Arnold
2017-02-14Update README.textile and macros filesRyan S. Arnold
2017-02-06Add link to wiki description for tripletsVictor Chong
2017-02-01Update repository url.Ryan S. Arnold
2017-01-27Updated NEWS header to indicate cumulative entriesRyan S. Arnold
2016-10-22Update important block info for GCC 6 series, but preserve info on GCC 5.Ryan S. Arnold
2016-09-06make urlind have spaces after a url.Ryan S. Arnold
2016-09-02Correct news block indentation macro.Ryan S. Arnold