AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-06Add missing changes from r362747release_80Tom Stellard
2019-06-06Merging r357986:Tom Stellard
2019-01-16Creating release_80 branch off revision 351319Hans Wennborg
2019-01-10test-suite: add avx512 tests with move-load-store intrinsicsIlia Taraban
2019-01-04Make Python scripts portable across Python 2/3Serge Guelton
2019-01-04Modernize Python scriptsSerge Guelton
2018-12-26[test-suite][mips] Disable setlocale calls in consumer-typeset testSimon Atanasyan
2018-12-21[test-suite] Revert rL349493 (Adding CoMD Proxy App)Brian Homerding
2018-12-21[test-suite] Adding CoMD Proxy AppBrian Homerding
2018-12-18[test-suite] Revert rL349493 (Adding CoMD Proxy App)Brian Homerding
2018-12-18[test-suite] Adding CoMD Proxy AppBrian Homerding
2018-12-18[test-suite] Adding CoMD Proxy AppBrian Homerding
2018-12-17test-suite: add avx512 tests with miscellaneous intrinsicsIlia Taraban
2018-12-15[test-suite] Fix NetBSD buildKamil Rytarowski
2018-12-15[test-suite] Fix NetBSD support in benchmark 1.3.0Kamil Rytarowski
2018-12-13test-suite: divide avx512 tests to instruction set subdirectoriesIlia Taraban
2018-11-28[MicroBenchmark] Add initial LoopInterchange test/benchmark.Florian Hahn
2018-10-29CMakeLists.txt: Only add rsync target if TEST_SUITE_REMOTE_HOST was specifiedMatthias Braun
2018-10-10cmake: Add TEST_SUITE_EXTRA_*_FLAGS variableMatthias Braun
2018-10-03CTMark: Copy lit.local.cfgMatthias Braun
2018-09-27More fixes for UBs in BulletAnton Korobeynikov
2018-09-27Fix UB (signed int overflow) in Bullet. The change is the same as already pre...Anton Korobeynikov
2018-09-24[test-suite, CUDA] Enable tests w/ CUDA-10.0Artem Belevich
2018-09-20Disable test MicroBenchmarks/XRay/FDRMode/fdrmode-bench.test on Darwin.Volodymyr Sapsai
2018-09-17[XRay] Remove use of deprecated optionsDean Michael Berris
2018-09-04[test-suite, CUDA] Update CUDA cmake files.Artem Belevich
2018-08-31Update docu link; Add the O0 + O3 cmake cacheMatthias Braun
2018-08-31litsupport/remote: Work without shared filesystemMatthias Braun
2018-08-31cmake: Copy HashProgramOutput.sh to build dirMatthias Braun
2018-08-31cmake: Specify reference outputs in llvm_test_data()Matthias Braun
2018-08-31litsupport: fix pycodestyle/pyflakes reports; NFCMatthias Braun
2018-08-31lit.cfg: Initialize remote_host if missingMatthias Braun
2018-08-28[test-suite, CUDA] Fix some CMake problemsJonas Hahnfeld
2018-08-23cmake: Explicitely specify benchmark dataMatthias Braun
2018-08-22cmake: Use ON/OFF for boolean constants; NFCMatthias Braun
2018-08-21CMakeLists.txt: Fix comment; NFCMatthias Braun
2018-08-21cmake/lit: Add remote module in lit.cfgMatthias Braun
2018-08-21cmake/litsupport: Remove TEST_SUITE_REMOTE_USER + TEST_SUITE_REMOTE_PORTMatthias Braun
2018-08-21cmake: Remove TOOLLINKOPTS variable usageMatthias Braun
2018-08-21cmake/litsupport: Always use timeit-target in lit; NFCMatthias Braun
2018-08-21ABI-Testsuite: Force the old c++11 ABI in mangling/test.xppTom Stellard
2018-08-21MultiSource/Benchmarks/DOE-ProxyApps-C++/CLAMP: Fix build with newer libstdc++Tom Stellard
2018-08-21lua/generate_inputs.sh: Remove noise from build output; NFCMatthias Braun
2018-08-21cmake: Use functions instead of macros where possible; NFCMatthias Braun
2018-08-20TestFile.cmake: Support WORKDIR argument in llvm_test_prepare() and llvm_test...Matthias Braun
2018-08-20litsupport: Fix stdout/stderr redirection in combination with chdirMatthias Braun
2018-08-20[SingleSource] update the protocols.m test after r340102Alex Lorenz
2018-08-17Add BilateralFiltering kernel using Benchmark LibraryPankaj Kukreja
2018-08-13Removed std=c++11 flag from MicroBenchmarks/ImageProcessing/Dilate/CMakeLists...Pankaj Kukreja
2018-08-13Add Image dilate kernel(for grayscale Images) using Benchmark LibraryPankaj Kukreja