AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-22[SPECCPU2017] Check for 'all' input data directory before generating commandHEADmasterDominic Chen
2019-10-10[test-suite] Guard DG_CFLAGS filteringSam Elliott
2019-10-09[test-suite] Add Architecture Detection for RISC-VSam Elliott
2019-10-09Add GCC Torture Suite SourcesSam Elliott
2019-10-09[test-suite] Add GCC C Torture SuiteSam Elliott
2019-10-02MultiSource/Applications/d: applying zero offset to null pointer is UB in CRoman Lebedev
2019-09-18Support for codesigning executables on DarwinChris Matthews
2019-09-06MallocBench: gs: zarray: zastore(): correctly subtract unsigned offsetRoman Lebedev
2019-09-06[MiBench] consumer-typeset: z31: GetMemory(): don't apply offset to nullptr, ...Roman Lebedev
2019-08-26[MemFunctions] Add c++11 flag.Clement Courbet
2019-08-22[MemFunctions] Add microbenchmarks for memory functions.Clement Courbet
2019-07-25Add geomean column earlier to dataout as Series in compare.py.Florian Hahn
2019-07-25Skip test earlier if metric is not found in compare.pyFlorian Hahn
2019-07-17Fix more -Werror issues with obsequi.Amara Emerson
2019-07-17Obsequi: fix implicit declaration of a function, breaks -Werror builds.Amara Emerson
2019-07-16Enable the obsequi application for Darwin. It seems to run with no issues.Amara Emerson
2019-07-11Fix support for user mode emulation when using cmake/lit.Kristof Beyls
2019-07-10[test-suite] Fix RISC-V Support in benchmark 1.3.0Sam Elliott
2019-06-26Revert "[test-suite] Signal error if llvm-lit was not found"Roman Lebedev
2019-06-26[test-suite] Signal error if llvm-lit was not foundRoman Lebedev
2019-06-05Made lambda test more robust.Sunil Srivastava
2019-04-11Document how to use the 'vs' mode in compare.pyAmara Emerson
2019-04-10[test-suite] litsupport/modules/perf.py: store profile filename in context.pr...Roman Lebedev
2019-04-10[test-suite] There is no such thing as CMAKE_C_CFLAGS, it's CMAKE_C_FLAGSRoman Lebedev
2019-04-09Fix siod's gc implementation when used with GLIBC.James Y Knight
2019-04-04[test-suite] Update test-suite microbenchmarks to use JSON (fix bug 41327)Brian Homerding
2019-04-03[test-suite,CUDA] Add #include <stdio.h> to test_round.cu to fix a build error.Bixia Zheng
2019-04-01[test-suite,CUDA] Add a test case to test the edge cases for the implementati...Bixia Zheng
2019-03-24[test-suite][mips] Fix compile options for tramp3d-v4 testSimon Atanasyan
2019-03-20Add geomean summary row to output from utils/compare.py.Florian Hahn
2019-02-26[CMake] Support alternative C++ ABI libraryPetr Hosek
2019-02-09[test-suite] Add cmake option to use IR PGO (TEST_SUITE_USE_IR_PGO)Vedant Kumar
2019-02-05Python Compat: print statementsSerge Guelton
2019-01-28[test-suite] Fix stdthreadbug when building staticAleksandar Beserminji
2019-01-28[test-suite] Adding CoMD Proxy AppBrian Homerding
2019-01-20Update remaining file headers of LLVM-project code to the new license.Chandler Carruth
2019-01-20Update the file headers used throughout the ABI testsuite to reflect theChandler Carruth
2019-01-20Update LICENSE file for the test-suite to the new license.Chandler Carruth
2019-01-19Consistently use unix line endings on all the source code in the testChandler Carruth
2019-01-10test-suite: add avx512 tests with move-load-store intrinsicsIlia Taraban
2019-01-04Make Python scripts portable across Python 2/3Serge Guelton
2019-01-04Modernize Python scriptsSerge Guelton
2018-12-26[test-suite][mips] Disable setlocale calls in consumer-typeset testSimon Atanasyan
2018-12-21[test-suite] Revert rL349493 (Adding CoMD Proxy App)Brian Homerding
2018-12-21[test-suite] Adding CoMD Proxy AppBrian Homerding
2018-12-18[test-suite] Revert rL349493 (Adding CoMD Proxy App)Brian Homerding
2018-12-18[test-suite] Adding CoMD Proxy AppBrian Homerding
2018-12-18[test-suite] Adding CoMD Proxy AppBrian Homerding
2018-12-17test-suite: add avx512 tests with miscellaneous intrinsicsIlia Taraban
2018-12-15[test-suite] Fix NetBSD buildKamil Rytarowski