AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-03Merging r338757:release_70Hans Wennborg
2018-08-02Merging r338721:Hans Wennborg
2018-08-02Merging r338720:Hans Wennborg
2018-08-02Merging r338580:Hans Wennborg
2018-08-01Creating release_70 branch off revision 338536Hans Wennborg
2018-08-01[test] Convert test for PR36720 to c89Jonas Hahnfeld
2018-07-30[OpenMP] Fix tasking + parallel bugJonathan Peyton
2018-07-30[OpenMP] Fix new task creationGheorghe-Teodor Bercea
2018-07-30[CMake] Disable -Wstringop-overflowJonas Hahnfeld
2018-07-30[OpenMP] Add GOMP version symbols for OMP_4.5 APIJonathan Peyton
2018-07-30[OpenMP] Implement GOMP doacross compatibilityJonathan Peyton
2018-07-30[OpenMP] Fix build errors when building with KMP_DEBUG_ADAPTIVE_LOCKS=1Jonathan Peyton
2018-07-30[OpenMP][Stats] Cleanup stats gathering codeJonathan Peyton
2018-07-27[OMPT] Fix OMPT callbacks for the taskloop construct and add testcaseJoachim Protze
2018-07-27[OMPT] Adapt OMPT callbacks for tasks to handle untied tasks correctlyJoachim Protze
2018-07-27[OMPT] Print two more addresses in print_fuzzy_address_block()Joachim Protze
2018-07-26PR30734: Remove __kmp_ft_page_allocate()Jonas Hahnfeld
2018-07-26[test] Remove XFAIL of omp_for_bigbounds.c for Intel CompilerJonas Hahnfeld
2018-07-25[OMPT] Fix typo in test parallel/nested_thread_num.cJonas Hahnfeld
2018-07-23[OPNEMP, NVPTX] Fixed sychronization construct + code cleanup.Alexey Bataev
2018-07-19Block library shutdown until unreaped threads finish spin-waitingJonathan Peyton
2018-07-19[OpenMP][libomptarget] New map interface: remove translation code and ensure ...George Rokos
2018-07-18[libomptarget] Also support several images for elfJoachim Protze
2018-07-15[cmake] Fix libomptarget/test/CMakeLists.txtAzharuddin Mohammed
2018-07-13[OpenMP][libomptarget] Fix data sharing and globalization infrastructure to w...Gheorghe-Teodor Bercea
2018-07-12[OPENMP, NVPTX] Fix loop boundaries calculation for dynamic loops.Alexey Bataev
2018-07-09Fix const cast problem introduced in r336563Jonathan Peyton
2018-07-09[OpenMP] Fix a few formatting issuesJonathan Peyton
2018-07-09[OpenMP] Introduce hierarchical schedulingJonathan Peyton
2018-07-09[OPENMP, NVPTX] Support several images in the executable.Alexey Bataev
2018-07-09[OpenMP] Restructure loop code for hierarchical schedulingJonathan Peyton
2018-07-09[OpenMP] Use C++11 Atomics - barrier, tasking, and lock codeJonathan Peyton
2018-07-06Define the __STDC_FORMAT_MACROS to avoid test failure on some platforms.Kelvin Li
2018-07-05Dropped non-supoorted "--no-as-needed" flag from OMPT tests for macOSJoachim Protze
2018-07-05[OMPT] Add synchronization to threads_nested.c testcaseJoachim Protze
2018-07-02[OMPT] Use alloca() to force availability of frame pointerJoachim Protze
2018-07-02[OMPT] Add tests for runtime entry points from non-OpenMP threadsJoachim Protze
2018-07-02[OMPT] Add testcases for thread_begin and thread_end callbacksJoachim Protze
2018-07-02[OMPT] Provide the right thread_num for ancestor levelsJoachim Protze
2018-06-29[OPENMP, NVPTX] Sync threads before start ordered loops.Alexey Bataev
2018-06-25[OPENMP, NVPTX] Fixes for NVPTX RTLAlexey Bataev
2018-06-20minor: fixed typo in debug printAndrey Churbanov
2018-06-19Remove liboffload from repositoryJonas Hahnfeld
2018-06-19[OpenMP] [CUDA] Expose teamid to the debug pathGuansong Zhang
2018-06-08[OpenMP] Fix formatting issues in kmp_stats.hJonathan Peyton
2018-05-28[OMPT] Rename ompt_wait_id to omp_wait_idJoachim Protze
2018-05-28[OMPT] Rename ompt_frame_t to omp_frame_tJoachim Protze
2018-05-27[OMPT] Fix test parallel/not_enough_threads.cJonas Hahnfeld
2018-05-25[libomptarget-nvptx] loop: Determine if runtime uninitializedJonas Hahnfeld
2018-05-25[CMake] Unify install path for librariesJonas Hahnfeld