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masterUpdate LICENSE file and file headers to the new license.Chandler Carruth2 days
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2 daysUpdate LICENSE file and file headers to the new license.HEADmasterChandler Carruth
12 days[LNT] add missing test inputsDanila Malyutin
12 days[LNT] fix ValueError in a corner case of geomean comparisonDanila Malyutin
12 days[LNT] Fix typo in a commentDanila Malyutin
2018-12-20A few more linter fixupsChris Matthews
2018-12-20Some more parts of the tree that are linter clean nowChris Matthews
2018-12-20Suppress most common linter warnings: we probably will not fix these, and the...Chris Matthews
2018-12-20Cleanups suggested by linterChris Matthews
2018-12-20Imports fixupsChris Matthews
2018-12-20Also print stats, so we can see how we are progressingChris Matthews