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masterAlways display Profile button when having a profile.Martin Liska2 weeks
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2018-03-09Always display Profile button when having a profile.HEADmasterMartin Liska
2018-03-09When comparing to a different machine, plot both graphs.Martin Liska
2018-03-09Document how to import Performance profiles in JSON format.Martin Liska
2018-03-06Render https producers as HTML hyperlinks too.Florian Hahn
2018-02-13More specific exceptionChris Matthews
2018-02-13Some cleanups of unusedChris Matthews
2018-02-13Missing session againChris Matthews
2018-02-13Rework of x-axis labels in graph pageChris Matthews
2018-02-13Use cache for sample sorting as wellChris Matthews
2018-02-13List compare is faster than list to tuple then compareChris Matthews