BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
linaro-local/diana.picus/TestPushRevert "[X86][AVX512] Adding a pattern for broadcastm intrinsic."Jina Nahias5 months
linaro-local/diana.picus/VerboseISelSay something when globalisel has succeeded for a function.Diana Picus8 weeks
linaro-local/diana.picus/test[X86] Remove the model checks from the 486 detection code in Host.cppCraig Topper5 months
linaro-local/peter.smith/errata-section[MiSched] - Simplify ProcResEntry accessJaved Absar6 months
linaro-local/yvan.roux/B32999[PR32999] Basic fix attempt.Yvan Roux5 months
master[X86] Update a partially stale comment, since SVN r328386. NFC.Martin Storsjo17 min.
release_50Backporting r325653:Simon Dardis8 days
release_60ReleaseNotes: move the retpoline bullet higherHans Wennborg3 weeks
stableCreating branches/google/stable and tags/google/stable/2018-03-13 from r326829Eric Christopher11 days
testingCreating branches/google/testing and tags/google/testing/2017-11-14 from r317716David L. Jones4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
17 min.[X86] Update a partially stale comment, since SVN r328386. NFC.HEADmasterMartin Storsjo
19 min.[SchedModel] Remove an unneeded temporary vector.Craig Topper
19 min.[SchedModel] Use std::move in a couple places to reduce copyingCraig Topper
19 min.[SchedModel] Use std::move to replace a vector instead of vector::swapCraig Topper
63 min.Fix module.modulemap after r328395Eric Fiselier
79 min.[SchedModel] Remove std::vectors that were created with 1 element and then pa...Craig Topper
114 min.[SchedModel] Record::getName() returns StringRef - avoid std::string creation...Simon Pilgrim
2 hours[SchedModel] Avoid std::string creation for instregex patterns that don't con...Simon Pilgrim
3 hours[X86][SkylakeClient] Merge xmm/ymm instructions instregex entries to reduce r...Simon Pilgrim
4 hours[X86][Broadwell] Merge xmm/ymm instructions instregex entries to reduce regex...Simon Pilgrim