BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
linaro-local/InitialThumbSupportAdd initial support for Thumb for ARMv7aPeter Smith21 months
linaro-local/InterworkVeneersAdd Thunk support framework for ARM and MipsPeter Smith21 months
linaro-local/peter.smith/errata-section[ELF] Complete implementation of -fix-cortex-a53-843419Peter Smith6 months
linaro-local/tlsSupport for standard model ARM TLSPeter Smith21 months
linaro-local/tls-experimentsSome experimental support with TLS relaxation for static linking.Peter Smith20 months
master[ELF] - Do not ignore discarding of .rela.plt/.rela.dyn, allow doing custom l...George Rimar10 hours
release_39Merging r284444:Tom Stellard16 months
release_40Merging r293630:Tom Stellard10 months
release_50Backporting r325647 and r325713:Simon Dardis8 days
release_60Fix type in the Release Notes.Rafael Espindola4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 hours[ELF] - Do not ignore discarding of .rela.plt/.rela.dyn, allow doing custom l...HEADmasterGeorge Rimar
23 hoursAdd a SectionBase::getVA helper. NFC.Rafael Espindola
23 hoursDo not add a dummy entry to SharedFile::Verdefs. NFC.Rui Ueyama
24 hoursMove a Repl access.Rafael Espindola
24 hoursDrop redundant ->Repl.Rafael Espindola
25 hoursRemove "FIXME" from a comment.Rui Ueyama
28 hours[PDB] Resubmit "Support embedding natvis files in PDBs."Zachary Turner
29 hours[PDB] Make our PDBs look more like MS PDBs.Zachary Turner
30 hoursAdd a minimal fix for PR36878.Rafael Espindola
33 hours[ELF] - Simplify. NFC.George Rimar