BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
linaro-local/diana.picus/RC2-ishDrop 'svn' suffix from version number.Hans Wennborg3 years
linaro-local/peter.smith/pgo[CMake] Convert paths to the right form in standalone builds on WindowsMartin Storsjo2 years
masterP1152R4: Fix deprecation warnings in libc++ testsuite and in uses of is_invoc...Richard Smith9 months
release_39Merging r278579:Hans Wennborg4 years
release_40Merging r292638:Hans Wennborg3 years
release_50Drop 'svn' suffix from version number.Hans Wennborg3 years
release_60Drop 'svn' suffix from the version number.Hans Wennborg3 years
release_70Merging r342815:Tom Stellard21 months
release_80Merging r352374:Hans Wennborg17 months
release_90Bump version to 9.0.1Tom Stellard9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-10-19P1152R4: Fix deprecation warnings in libc++ testsuite and in uses of is_invoc...HEADmasterRichard Smith
2019-10-07[libc++abi] Introduce a LIBCXXABI_LIBRARY_VERSION optionLouis Dionne
2019-10-07[libc++abi] Do not define -Dcxxabi_shared_EXPORTS when building libc++abiLouis Dionne
2019-10-07[libc++abi] Remove redundant link flags on Apple platformsLouis Dionne
2019-10-04[libc++abi] Link against libSystem on Apple platformsLouis Dionne
2019-10-03[libc++abi] Do not export some implementation-detail functionsLouis Dionne
2019-10-02[NFC][libc++abi] Convert stray tabs to spacesLouis Dionne
2019-10-01[libc++abi] Remove uses of C++ headers when possibleLouis Dionne
2019-10-01[NFC][libc++abi] Remove trailing whitespace from sourcesLouis Dionne
2019-10-01[libc++] Update link to Itanium C++ ABI documentationLouis Dionne