BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
google/stableCreating branches/google/stable and tags/google/stable/2018-08-24 from r340178Jordan Rupprecht4 weeks
google/testingCreating branches/google/testing and tags/google/testing/2017-11-14 from r317716David L. Jones10 months
linaro-local/D47948[ASAN] Fix crash on i?86-linux (32-bit) against glibc 2.27 and laterPeter Wu3 months
linaro-local/diana.picus/test[XRay] [compiler-rt] fix build by including errno.h into FDR modeMartin Pelikan11 months
linaro-local/peter.smith/pgoMark mfcall.cpp as UNSUPPORTED: win32.Peter Collingbourne3 months
linaro-local/sanitizer[ASAN] Sanitize ARM tests #2.Yvan Roux4 months
masterbuild: clean up some unnecessary cached variablesSaleem Abdulrasool32 hours
release_50Merging r311674:Hans Wennborg13 months
release_60Merging r333213:Tom Stellard3 months
release_70Merging r341442:Hans Wennborg14 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
32 hoursbuild: clean up some unnecessary cached variablesHEADmasterSaleem Abdulrasool
34 hours[builtins] Fix c?zdi2 on sparc64/Linux and ignore riscv32Kristina Brooks
2 daysbuild: fix standalone builds for compiler-rt on DarwinSaleem Abdulrasool
2 days[libFuzzer] Avoid fuzzer symbols being hidden.Matt Morehouse
3 days[UBSan] Partially fix `test/ubsan/TestCases/Misc/log-path_test.cc` so that it...Dan Liew
3 days[sanitizer_common] Fuchsia now supports .preinit_arrayPetr Hosek
3 days[XRay] Simplify FDR buffer managementDean Michael Berris
3 days[XRay] Fix FDR initializationDean Michael Berris
5 days[XRay] Remove the unused variablePetr Hosek
5 days[XRay] Remove the deprecated __xray_log_init APIPetr Hosek