AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-26Add command line options for marking cold functions for size optimisationlinaro-local/peter.smith/rebased-pgoPeter Smith
2018-10-26Pass through flag to say that we've done front-end profile guided info. This ...Peter Smith
2018-10-26Revert r345330 "Add MS ABI mangling for operator<=>."Hans Wennborg
2018-10-26Revert "Reapply: [Driver] Use forward slashes in most linker arguments"Martin Storsjo
2018-10-26Update the example of BS_Stroustrup to match what is done by clang-formatSylvestre Ledru
2018-10-26Reapply: [Driver] Use forward slashes in most linker argumentsMartin Storsjo
2018-10-26PR31978: Don't crash if CodeGen sees a top-level BindingDecl.Richard Smith
2018-10-26CodeGen: correct the case for swift 4.2, 5.0Saleem Abdulrasool
2018-10-26[AArch64] Support Windows stack probe command-line arguments.Eli Friedman
2018-10-25[AArch64] Implement FP16FML intrinsicsBryan Chan
2018-10-25[analyzer] Fix a bug in "collapsed" graph viewerGeorge Karpenkov
2018-10-25[analyzer] [RetainCountChecker] Do not invalidate references passed to constr...George Karpenkov
2018-10-25[analyzer] Remove custom rule for OSIterator in RetainCountCheckerGeorge Karpenkov
2018-10-25[analyzer] Correct modelling of OSDynamicCast: eagerly state splitGeorge Karpenkov
2018-10-25Add MS ABI mangling for operator<=>.Richard Smith
2018-10-25Avoid std::map&vector in hexagon builtin code to save code sizeReid Kleckner
2018-10-25Avoid STMT_ and DECL_ bitcodes overlapping.Richard Smith
2018-10-25[C++17] Reject shadowing of capture by parameter in lambdaNicolas Lesser
2018-10-25Revert "[SemaCXX] Unconfuse Clang when std::align_val_t is unscoped in C++03"Eric Fiselier
2018-10-25Rebase defect report list.Nicolas Lesser
2018-10-25Change keep-static-consts to work on static storage duration, notErich Keane
2018-10-25[WebAssembly] Bitselect and min/max builtinsThomas Lively
2018-10-25[WebAssembly] Lower to target-independent saturating addThomas Lively
2018-10-25Implement Function Multiversioning for Non-ELF Systems.Erich Keane
2018-10-25[SemaCXX] Unconfuse Clang when std::align_val_t is unscoped in C++03Eric Fiselier
2018-10-25CodeGen: alter CFConstantString class name for swift 5.0Saleem Abdulrasool
2018-10-25[analyzer] Move canReasonAbout from Z3ConstraintManager to SMTConstraintManagerMikhail R. Gadelha
2018-10-25[analyzer] Fixed bitvector from model always being unsignedMikhail R. Gadelha
2018-10-25[OPENMP]Fix PR39422: variables are not firstprivatized in task context.Alexey Bataev
2018-10-25[AArch64] Branch Protection and Return Address Signing B Key SupportLuke Cheeseman
2018-10-25update the clang doc about contributionsSylvestre Ledru
2018-10-25[ms] Prevent explicit constructor name lookup if scope is missingWill Wilson
2018-10-25[clang-format] Break before next parameter after a formatted multiline raw st...Krasimir Georgiev
2018-10-25[CodeGen] Always emit the 'min-legal-vector-width' attribute even when the va...Craig Topper
2018-10-25[Sema] Fix -Wcomma for C89Richard Trieu
2018-10-24Revert "[SemaCXX] Unconfuse Clang when std::align_val_t is unscoped in C++03"Eric Fiselier
2018-10-24Driver,CodeGen: introduce support for Swift CFString layoutSaleem Abdulrasool
2018-10-24[VFS] Remove 'ignore-non-existent-contents' attribute for YAML-based VFS.Volodymyr Sapsai
2018-10-24[SemaCXX] Unconfuse Clang when std::align_val_t is unscoped in C++03Eric Fiselier
2018-10-24Add gfx909 to GPU ArchTim Renouf
2018-10-24AMDGPU: Handle gfx909 in AMDGPUTargetInfo::initFeatureMapKonstantin Zhuravlyov
2018-10-24Do not always request an implicit taskgroup region inside the kmpc_taskloop f...Alexey Bataev
2018-10-24[OPENMP]Fix PR39366: do not try to private field if it is not captured.Alexey Bataev
2018-10-24[CodeGen] Update test checks missed in r345168.Craig Topper
2018-10-24[Hexagon] Flip hexagon-autohvx to be true by defaultKrzysztof Parzyszek
2018-10-24[CodeGen] Update min-legal-vector width based on function argument and return...Craig Topper
2018-10-24CodeGen: extract some local variables in CFConstantString creation (NFC)Saleem Abdulrasool
2018-10-24AST: unindent CFConstantStringDecl by inverting condition (NFC)Saleem Abdulrasool
2018-10-24[clang] Introduce new completion context typesKadir Cetinkaya
2018-10-24Remove a pair of unused dispatch multiversion declarations.Erich Keane