AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-14[X86] Remove mask parameter from avx512 pmultishiftqb intrinsics. Use select ...linaro-local/diana.picus/varargsCraig Topper
2019-01-14[X86] Remove mask parameter from vpshufbitqmb intrinsics. Change result to a ...Craig Topper
2019-01-12NFC: Make utility privateStephen Kelly
2019-01-12[ASTDump] NFC: Move dump of individual Stmts to TextNodeDumperStephen Kelly
2019-01-12Implement TemplateArgument dumping in terms of VisitorStephen Kelly
2019-01-12[ASTDump] Change parameter to StringRefStephen Kelly
2019-01-12[analyzer] Fix unused variable warnings in Release buildsBenjamin Kramer
2019-01-12[NetBSD] Enable additional sanitizer typesMichal Gorny
2019-01-12NFC: Port loop to cxx_range_forStephen Kelly
2019-01-11[analyzer] Support for OSObjects out parameters in RetainCountCheckerGeorge Karpenkov
2019-01-11[analyzer] Introduce a convenience method for getting a CallEvent from an arb...George Karpenkov
2019-01-11[Darwin][Driver] Don't pass a file as object_path_lto during ThinLTOSteven Wu
2019-01-11Implement Attr dumping in terms of visitorsStephen Kelly
2019-01-11[ASTDump] Add utility for dumping a label with child nodesStephen Kelly
2019-01-11[Bug 39548][Clang] PGO bootstrap fails with python3: errors in perf-helper.pySerge Guelton
2019-01-11[test] Update support for Exynos M4 (NFC)Evandro Menezes
2019-01-11[MergeFunc] Update clang test for r350939Vedant Kumar
2019-01-11[LTO] Add option to enable LTOUnit splitting, and disable unless neededTeresa Johnson
2019-01-11[analyzer] [NFC] Fix the FIXME in testsGeorge Karpenkov
2019-01-11[attributes] Extend os_returns_(not_?)_retained attributes to parametersGeorge Karpenkov
2019-01-11Fix a pair of Wfallthrough warnings in ScanfFormatString.Erich Keane
2019-01-11Implementation Feature Test Macros for P0722R3Chris Kennelly
2019-01-11Silence -Wsign-compare in unittestsBjorn Pettersson
2019-01-11[Sema] Make canPassInRegisters return true if the CXXRecordDecl passedAkira Hatanaka
2019-01-11[Sema] If CheckPlaceholderExpr rewrites the initializer of an autoAkira Hatanaka
2019-01-11Remember to instantiate explicit template argument lists in a friendRichard Smith
2019-01-11[AST] Remove ASTContext from getThisType (NFC)Brian Gesiak
2019-01-11Fix header issues.Richard Trieu
2019-01-11Add an explicit initializer to silence a -Wmissing-field-initializers diagnos...Aaron Ballman
2019-01-10[WebAssembly] Add unimplemented-simd128 feature, gate builtinsThomas Lively
2019-01-10[analyzer] pr38838, pr39976: Fix crash on diagnosing before implicit destructor.Artem Dergachev
2019-01-10Properly support -shared-libgcc.Sterling Augustine
2019-01-10Correct the source range returned from preprocessor callbacks.Aaron Ballman
2019-01-10NFC: Change case of identifiersStephen Kelly
2019-01-10[Sema] Call CheckPlaceholderExpr to resolve typeof or decltypeAkira Hatanaka
2019-01-10[HIP] Use nul instead of /dev/null when running on windowsYaxun Liu
2019-01-10fixup: sphinx warningNick Desaulniers
2019-01-10[SemaCXX] add -Woverride-init alias to -Winitializer-overridesNick Desaulniers
2019-01-10Fix false positive unsequenced access and modification warning in array subsc...Nicolas Lesser
2019-01-10[analyzer] [hotfix] Fix the testsGeorge Karpenkov
2019-01-10[analyzer] Update the category name for RetainCountChecker reportsGeorge Karpenkov
2019-01-10[analyzer] [NFC] [RetainCountChecker] Remove dead unused mapGeorge Karpenkov
2019-01-10[analyzer] Quote the type of the leaked/problematic object in diagnostics for...George Karpenkov
2019-01-10[analyzer] [NFC] Reverse the argument order for "diff" in testsGeorge Karpenkov
2019-01-10[analyzer] [NFC] Reduce redundancy in RetainSummaryManager by using a functionGeorge Karpenkov
2019-01-10[analyzer] [RetainCountChecker] [NFC] Remove SummaryLogGeorge Karpenkov
2019-01-10[analyzer] [RetainCountChecker] [NFC] Another minor cleanupGeorge Karpenkov
2019-01-10[analyzer] [RetainCountChecker] [NFC] Refactor the way attributes are handledGeorge Karpenkov
2019-01-10[analyzer] [RetainCountChecker] Remove redundant enum UnarySummaryKindGeorge Karpenkov
2019-01-10[analyzer] [RetainCountChecker] Remove obsolete "MakeCollectable" enum valueGeorge Karpenkov