AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-13[clang-cl] Do not allow using both /Zc:dllexportInlines- and /fallback flaglinaro-local/diana.picus/aTakuto Ikuta
2018-11-13CMake: Deprecate using llvm-config to detect llvm installationTom Stellard
2018-11-13CMake: Replace open-coded find_packageTom Stellard
2018-11-12Convert a condition into an assertion per post-review feedback; NFC intended.Aaron Ballman
2018-11-12[Sema] Make sure we substitute an instantiation-dependent default template ar...Erik Pilkington
2018-11-12Fix the 'fixit' for inline namespace replacement.Erich Keane
2018-11-12PR39628 Treat all non-zero values as 'true' in bool compound-assignmentRichard Smith
2018-11-12[NFC] Fix formatting in inline nested namespace definition.Erich Keane
2018-11-12[clang-format] Support breaking consecutive string literals for TableGenJordan Rupprecht
2018-11-12[analyzer] Drastically simplify the tblgen files used for checkersKristof Umann
2018-11-12Implement P1094R2 (nested inline namespaces)Erich Keane
2018-11-12Revert "Make clang-based tools find libc++ on MacOS"Jonas Devlieghere
2018-11-12Revert rL346644, rL346642: the added test test/CodeGen/code-coverage-filter.c...Calixte Denizet
2018-11-12Make clang-based tools find libc++ on MacOSIlya Biryukov
2018-11-12[GCOV] fix test after patch rL346642Calixte Denizet
2018-11-12[Clang] Add options -fprofile-filter-files and -fprofile-exclude-files to fil...Calixte Denizet
2018-11-12Release notes: Mention clang-cl's /Zc:dllexportInlines- flagHans Wennborg
2018-11-12clang-cl: Add documentation for /Zc:dllexportInlines-Hans Wennborg
2018-11-12Fix compatibility with z3-4.8.1Jan Kratochvil
2018-11-12Support Swift in platform availability attributeMichael Wu
2018-11-12[CodeGen][CXX]: Fix no_destroy CG bug under specific circumstancesKristina Brooks
2018-11-11Pass the function type instead of the return type to FunctionDecl::CreateJonas Devlieghere
2018-11-10[cxx_status] Update for San Diego motions.Richard Smith
2018-11-10[python] Support PathLike filenames and directoriesMichal Gorny
2018-11-10[clang]: Fix misapplied patch in 346582.Kristina Brooks
2018-11-10Correct naming conventions and 80 col rule violation in CGDeclCXX.cpp. NFC.Kristina Brooks
2018-11-09Fix ClangFormat issue of recognizing ObjC subscript as C++ attributes when me...Yan Zhang
2018-11-09Revert "Revert rL346454: Fix a use-after-free introduced by r344915."Adrian Prantl
2018-11-09[ASTMatchers] overload ignoringParens for ExprJonas Toth
2018-11-09[OPENMP][NVPTX]Extend number of constructs executed in SPMD mode.Alexey Bataev
2018-11-09Revert rL346454: Fix a use-after-free introduced by r344915.Simon Pilgrim
2018-11-09Use the correct address space when bitcasting func pointer to int pointerDylan McKay
2018-11-09Allow a double-underscore spelling of Clang attributes using double square br...Aaron Ballman
2018-11-09Fix a nondeterminism in the debug info for VLA size expressions.Adrian Prantl
2018-11-09[HIP] Remove useless sections in linked filesYaxun Liu
2018-11-09Driver: Make -fsanitize=shadow-call-stack compatible with -fsanitize-minimal-...Peter Collingbourne
2018-11-09Introduce the _Clang scoped attribute token.Aaron Ballman
2018-11-09Use the correct address space when emitting the ctor function listDylan McKay
2018-11-09[OPENMP][NVPTX]Allow to use shared memory for theAlexey Bataev
2018-11-09[clang-cl] Add warning for /Zc:dllexportInlines- when the flag is used with /...Takuto Ikuta
2018-11-09[Tooling] Avoid diagnosing missing input files in an edge-case where it's inc...Sam McCall
2018-11-09[PowerPC] [Clang] [AltiVec] The second parameter of vec_sr function should be...Zi Xuan Wu
2018-11-09Fix test from r346439 to also work on Windows due to path separator differences.Douglas Yung
2018-11-09Use correct parameter name in comment.Bill Wendling
2018-11-09Compound literals, enums, et al require const exprBill Wendling
2018-11-09Fix a use-after-free introduced by r344915.Adrian Prantl
2018-11-08[Frontend/Modules] Show diagnostics on prebuilt module configuration mismatch...David Blaikie
2018-11-08[Tooling] Produce diagnostics for missing input files.Sam McCall
2018-11-08Fix bitcast to address space cast for coerced load/stores Yaxun Liu
2018-11-08[OPENMP]Make lambda mapping follow reqs for PTR_AND_OBJ mapping.Alexey Bataev