AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-21Removed unused variable [NFC]linaro-local/ci/llvm-kernel-aarch64-testedMikael Holmen
2018-08-21[analyzer] [NFC] Split up RetainSummaryManager from RetainCountChecker - try #2George Karpenkov
2018-08-20[WebAssembly] Revert type of wake count in atomic.wake to i32Heejin Ahn
2018-08-20libclang: add install/distribution targets for pythonSaleem Abdulrasool
2018-08-20[ASTImporter] Add test for C++'s try/catch statements.Raphael Isemann
2018-08-20Model type attributes as regular Attrs.Richard Smith
2018-08-20DebugInfo: Add the ability to disable DWARF name tables entirelyDavid Blaikie
2018-08-20[Lex] Make HeaderMaps a unique_ptr vectorFangrui Song
2018-08-20Rename -mlink-cuda-bitcode to -mlink-builtin-bitcodeMatt Arsenault
2018-08-20[OPENMP] Fix crash on the emission of the weak function declaration.Alexey Bataev
2018-08-20Close FileEntries of cached files in ModuleManager::addModule().Adrian Prantl
2018-08-20[ASTImporter] Add test for C++ casts and fix broken const_cast importing.Raphael Isemann
2018-08-20[OPENMP][BLOCKS]Fix PR38923: reference to a global variable is capturedAlexey Bataev
2018-08-20[ASTImporter] Test for importing condition variable from a ForStmtRaphael Isemann
2018-08-20[NFC] Don't define static function in header (UninitializedObject.h)Andrei Elovikov
2018-08-19[Lex] Fix some inconsistent parameter names and duplicate comments. NFCFangrui Song
2018-08-19[CodeGen] add test file that should have been included with r340141Sanjay Patel
2018-08-19[CodeGen] add rotate builtins that map to LLVM funnel shift Sanjay Patel
2018-08-19[NEON] Define fp16 vld and vst intrinsics conditionallyIvan A. Kosarev
2018-08-19revert r340137: [CodeGen] add rotate builtinsSanjay Patel
2018-08-19[CodeGen] add/fix rotate builtins that map to LLVM funnel shift (retry)Sanjay Patel
2018-08-19revert r340135: [CodeGen] add rotate builtinsSanjay Patel
2018-08-19[CodeGen] add rotate builtinsSanjay Patel
2018-08-18Revert "[analyzer] [NFC] Split up RetainSummaryManager from RetainCountChecker"Bruno Cardoso Lopes
2018-08-18[analyzer] [NFC] Split up RetainSummaryManager from RetainCountCheckerGeorge Karpenkov
2018-08-17Quickfix for failing tests.George Karpenkov
2018-08-17[index] For an ObjC message call, also record as receivers the protocols if t...Argyrios Kyrtzidis
2018-08-17[ObjC] Error out when using forward-declared protocol in a @protocolAlex Lorenz
2018-08-17Don't warn on returning the address of a label from a statement expressionReid Kleckner
2018-08-17[analyzer] [NFC] Minor refactoring of ISL-specific code in RetainCountCheckerGeorge Karpenkov
2018-08-17[analyzer] Re-instate support for MakeCollectable is RetainCountCheckerGeorge Karpenkov
2018-08-17[analyzer] [NFC] Move ObjCRetainCount to include/AnalysisGeorge Karpenkov
2018-08-17[analyzer] [NFC] Move canEval function from RetainCountChecker to RetainCount...George Karpenkov
2018-08-17[analyzer] [NFC] Split up summary generation in RetainCountChecker in two met...George Karpenkov
2018-08-17[analyzer] [NFC] Split up RetainCountCheckerGeorge Karpenkov
2018-08-17[analyzer] Drop support for GC mode in RetainCountCheckerGeorge Karpenkov
2018-08-17test commit: add a commentMike Rice
2018-08-17Update comments in CGDebugInfo to reflect changes in the MS mangler, NFCReid Kleckner
2018-08-17[MS] Mangle a hash of the main file path into anonymous namespacesReid Kleckner
2018-08-17Improve diagnostic for missing comma in template parameter list.Richard Smith
2018-08-17[HIP] Make __hip_gpubin_handle hidden to avoid being merged across different ...Yaxun Liu
2018-08-17Make __shiftleft128 / __shiftright128 real compiler built-ins.Nico Weber
2018-08-17[CodeGen] Merge identical block descriptor global variables.Akira Hatanaka
2018-08-17[Preamble] Empty preamble is not an error.Haojian Wu
2018-08-17Fix for bug 38508 - Don't do PCH processing when only generating preprocessor...Erich Keane
2018-08-17clang-cl: Expose -fno-crash-diagnostics (PR38574)Hans Wennborg
2018-08-17[ThinLTO] Correct documentation on default number of threadsTeresa Johnson
2018-08-17[AArch64] - return address signingLuke Cheeseman
2018-08-17[NFC] Some small test updates for Implicit Conversion sanitizer.Roman Lebedev
2018-08-17[hexagon] restore -fuse-cxa-atexit by defaultBrian Cain