AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-16AMDGPU: Correct errors in device tablelinaro-local/ci/llvm-kernel-aarch64-goodMatt Arsenault
2018-08-16Update README and Dockerfile to include llvm-proto-fuzzerEmmett Neyman
2018-08-16[ASTImporter] Add test for member pointer types.Raphael Isemann
2018-08-16[ASTImporter] Add test for importing CompoundAssignOperatorsRaphael Isemann
2018-08-16[ASTImporter] Add test for DoStmtRaphael Isemann
2018-08-16[ASTImporter] Add test for WhileStmtRaphael Isemann
2018-08-16[ASTImporter] Add test for IndirectGotoStmtRaphael Isemann
2018-08-16[AST] Store the OwnedTagDecl as a trailing object in ElaboratedType.Bruno Ricci
2018-08-16[AST] Pack the unsigned of SubstTemplateTypeParmPackType into TypeBruno Ricci
2018-08-16[AST] Pack the unsigned of DependentTemplateSpecializationType into TypeBruno Ricci
2018-08-16[X86] Remove masking from the 512-bit paddus/psubus builtins. Use a select bu...Craig Topper
2018-08-16[X86] Remove masking from the 512-bit padds and psubs builtins. Use select bu...Craig Topper
2018-08-16[ASTImporter] Add test for CXXDefaultInitExprRaphael Isemann
2018-08-16[ASTImporter] Add test for CXXScalarValueInitRaphael Isemann
2018-08-16[ASTImporter] Add test for ForStmt and ContinueStmtRaphael Isemann
2018-08-16[Driver] -print-target-triple and -print-effective-triple optionsPetr Hosek
2018-08-15Implementation of nested loops in cxx_loop_protoEmmett Neyman
2018-08-15[ASTImporter] Add test for ArrayInitLoopExprRaphael Isemann
2018-08-15[ASTImporter] Add test for ExprWithCleanupsRaphael Isemann
2018-08-15[Darwin Driver] Fix Simulator builtins and test casesChris Bieneman
2018-08-15[ASTImporter] Add test for IfStmtRaphael Isemann
2018-08-15Add a newline to SourceLocation dump outputStephen Kelly
2018-08-15[CStringSyntaxChecker] Reduces space around error message for strlcat.David Carlier
2018-08-15Refactor Darwin driver to refer to runtimes by componentChris Bieneman
2018-08-15[OPENMP] FIx processing of declare target variables.Alexey Bataev
2018-08-15clang-format: Change Google style wrt. the formatting of empty messages.Daniel Jasper
2018-08-15[AST] Pack the unsigned of PackExpansionType into TypeBruno Ricci
2018-08-15[AST] Pack the bits of TemplateSpecializationType into TypeBruno Ricci
2018-08-15Use .cpp extension for certain tests instead of .ccMomchil Velikov
2018-08-15Fix ASTMatchersTraversalTest testcase compile on older compilersDavid Green
2018-08-15Silence "unused variable" warning.Richard Smith
2018-08-15[analyzer] Add support for constructors of arguments.Artem Dergachev
2018-08-14Remove obsolete commentStephen Kelly
2018-08-14Fix Stmt::ignoreImplicitStephen Kelly
2018-08-14Fix lit fatal errors about requiring a USE_Z3_SOLVER paramReid Kleckner
2018-08-14[CFG] [analyzer] Find argument constructors in CXXTemporaryObjectExprs.Artem Dergachev
2018-08-14[analyzer] Add a test forgotten in r339088.Artem Dergachev
2018-08-14[InlineAsm] Update the min-legal-vector-width function attribute based on inp...Craig Topper
2018-08-14SafeStack: Disable Darwin supportVlad Tsyrklevich
2018-08-14[analyzer] Fix bots by removing new check-clang-analyzer commands from CHECK-ALLGeorge Karpenkov
2018-08-14[OPENMP] Fix processing of declare target construct.Alexey Bataev
2018-08-14We have in place support for parsing #pragma FENV_ACCESS, but that Kevin P. Neal
2018-08-14Revert test commitKevin P. Neal
2018-08-14Test commitKevin P. Neal
2018-08-14[OpenCL] Add test for constant sampler argumentSven van Haastregt
2018-08-14[gnu-objc] Make selector order deterministic.David Chisnall
2018-08-14Add a stub mangling for ObjC selectors in the Microsoft ABI.David Chisnall
2018-08-14[XRay][clang] Add more test cases of -fxray-modes= (NFC)Dean Michael Berris
2018-08-14[analyzer] Made a buildbot happy.Kristof Umann
2018-08-14[analyzer][UninitializedObjectChecker] Void pointers are casted back to their...Kristof Umann