AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-14Creating branches/google/stable and tags/google/stable/2019-05-14 from r360103google/stableJordan Rupprecht
2019-05-06[Clang][NewPM] Don't bail out if the target machine is emptyPetr Hosek
2019-05-06[Sema] Fix for P41774 where `ExpectNoDerefChunk` is assigned twiceLeonard Chan
2019-05-06Revert "Re-commit r357452: SimplifyCFG SinkCommonCodeFromPredecessors: Also s...Jordan Rupprecht
2019-05-06PR41183: Don't emit strict-prototypes warning for an implicit functionJames Y Knight
2019-05-06[AArch64] Add __builtin_sponentry, for calling setjmp in MinGWMartin Storsjo
2019-05-06[MinGW] Use SEH by default on AArch64Martin Storsjo
2019-05-06[OPENMP]Fix PR41767: diagnose DSA for variables in clauses withAlexey Bataev
2019-05-06[OpenMP][Clang] Support for target math functionsGheorghe-Teodor Bercea
2019-05-06[OPENMP]Fix PR41768: check DSA for globals with `default(none)` clauses.Alexey Bataev
2019-05-06[CodeComplete] Update python tests after r360042Ilya Biryukov
2019-05-06[CodeComplete] Add a trailing semicolons to some pattern completionsIlya Biryukov
2019-05-06Revert r359949 "[clang] adding explicit(bool) from c++2a"Hans Wennborg
2019-05-06[X86] Move files to correct directories after D60552Fangrui Song
2019-05-06Enable intrinsics of AVX512_BF16, which are supported for BFLOAT16 in Cooper ...Luo, Yuanke
2019-05-06P1286R2: Remove restriction that the exception specification of aRichard Smith
2019-05-06Use DiagRuntimeBehavior for -Wunsequenced to weed out false positivesRichard Smith
2019-05-06[c++20] Implement P1009R2: allow omitting the array bound in an arrayRichard Smith
2019-05-06The 'CodeGenObjC/illegal-UTF8.m' get failed with Clang built with 32-bit targ...Galina Kistanova
2019-05-05[analyzer][UninitializedObjectChecker] PR41741: Regard all scalar types as pr...Kristof Umann
2019-05-05Revert rL359962 : Use DiagRuntimeBehavior for -Wunsequenced to weed out false...Simon Pilgrim
2019-05-05[clang] fixing -ast-print for variadic parameter pack in lambda captureNicolas Lesser
2019-05-05[C++] Interpret unknown identifier in parameter clause as unknown typeNicolas Lesser
2019-05-04[NFC] Add parentheses to avoid -Wparentheses.Nicolas Lesser
2019-05-04[c++20] Implement P0428R2 - Familiar template syntax for generic lambdasHamza Sood
2019-05-04[c++20] Implement tweaked __VA_OPT__ rules from P1042R1:Richard Smith
2019-05-04Use DiagRuntimeBehavior for -Wunsequenced to weed out false positivesRichard Smith
2019-05-04Reduce amount of work ODR hashing does.Richard Trieu
2019-05-04Disallow the operand of __builtin_constant_p from modifying enclosingRichard Smith
2019-05-04[Driver] Create non-existent directory for -fcrash-diagnostics-dirPetr Hosek
2019-05-04[cxx_status] Don't list -fmodules / -fmodules-ts against C++ modulesRichard Smith
2019-05-04[cxx_status] Replace "SVN" entries with Clang 8 as appropriate.Richard Smith
2019-05-04[clang] adding explicit(bool) from c++2aNicolas Lesser
2019-05-03CWG issue 727: Fix numerous bugs in support for class-scope explicitRichard Smith
2019-05-03[clang-format] Fix bug in block comment reflow that joins * and /Owen Pan
2019-05-03[COFF, ARM64] Fix ABI implementation of struct returnsMandeep Singh Grang
2019-05-03Ensure there is stack usage in stack size warning testMatt Arsenault
2019-05-03Attempt to fix the clang-sphinx-docs bot after r358797Nico Weber
2019-05-03Remove else-after-returnDavid Blaikie
2019-05-03[CUDA][Clang][Bugfix] Add missing CUDA 9.2 caseGheorghe-Teodor Bercea
2019-05-03[CommandLine] Change help output to prefix long options with `--` instead of ...Don Hinton
2019-05-03Added an AST matcher for declarations that are in the `std` namespaceDmitri Gribenko
2019-05-03[Sema][ObjC] Disable -Wunused-parameter for ObjC methodsAkira Hatanaka
2019-05-03Revert "[Attribute/Diagnostics] Print macro if definition is an attribute dec...Leonard Chan
2019-05-03Revert r359814 "[Sema] Emit warning for visibility attribute on internal-link...Nico Weber
2019-05-03SemaOverload: Complete candidates before emitting the error, to ensure diagno...David Blaikie
2019-05-02Fix -Wunsequenced false-positives in code controlled by a branch onRichard Smith
2019-05-02[CUDA] Do not pass deprecated option fo fatbinaryArtem Belevich
2019-05-02[Attribute/Diagnostics] Print macro if definition is an attribute declarationLeonard Chan
2019-05-02Change the metadata for heapallocsite calls when the type is cast.Amy Huang