AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-22[FrontendTests] Try again to make test not write an output fileHEADmasterBenjamin Kramer
2019-10-22Revert "[FrontendTests] Don't actually run the full compiler, parsing is suff...Benjamin Kramer
2019-10-22[FrontendTests] Don't actually run the full compiler, parsing is sufficient.Benjamin Kramer
2019-10-22[clang-fuzzer] Update proto fuzzer example for r375453.Benjamin Kramer
2019-10-22Refactor DependencyScanningTool to its own fileKousik Kumar
2019-10-22Minor coding style fix. NFC.Michael Liao
2019-10-21Fix -fuse-init-array decision logic on NetBSDJoerg Sonnenberger
2019-10-21[Implicit Modules] Add -cc1 option -fmodules-strict-context-hash which includ...Michael J. Spencer
2019-10-21[clang-fuzzer] Add new fuzzer target for Objective-CDavid Goldman
2019-10-21SemaTemplateDeduction - silence static analyzer getAs<> null dereference warn...Simon Pilgrim
2019-10-21[Clang] Add VerboseOutputStream to CompilerInstanceScott Linder
2019-10-21SemaExceptionSpec - silence static analyzer getAs<> null dereference warnings...Simon Pilgrim
2019-10-21[test] Merge Driver/as-w-warnings.c into as-no-warnings.cFangrui Song
2019-10-21Prune include of DataLayout.h from include/clang/Basic/TargetInfo.h. NFCBjorn Pettersson
2019-10-21Prune Pass.h include from DataLayout.h. NFCIBjorn Pettersson
2019-10-21Fix Wdocumentation warning. NFCI.Simon Pilgrim
2019-10-21PCH debug info: Avoid appending the source directory to an absolute pathAdrian Prantl
2019-10-20[AMDGPU] Fix assertion due to initializer listYaxun Liu
2019-10-19Revert "[Implicit Modules] Add -cc1 option -fmodules-strict-context-hash whic...Michael J. Spencer
2019-10-19[analyzer] PR43551: Do not dereferce void* in UndefOrNullArgVisitor.Artem Dergachev
2019-10-19[analyzer] Fix a crash on tracking Objective-C 'self' as a control dependency.Artem Dergachev
2019-10-19[Docs] Fix header level.Michael J. Spencer
2019-10-19Add -Wbitwise-conditional-parentheses to warn on mixing '|' and '&' with "?:"Richard Trieu
2019-10-19[Implicit Modules] Add -cc1 option -fmodules-strict-context-hash which includ...Michael J. Spencer
2019-10-19New tautological warning for bitwise-or with non-zero constant always true.Richard Trieu
2019-10-19Move endian constant from Host.h to SwapByteOrder.h, prune includeReid Kleckner
2019-10-19Sema: Create a no-op implicit cast for lvalue function conversions.Peter Collingbourne
2019-10-19[clang][driver] Print compilation phases with indentation.Michael Liao
2019-10-19[hip][cuda] Fix the extended lambda name mangling issue.Michael Liao
2019-10-19[analyzer] Specify the C++ standard in more tests.Artem Dergachev
2019-10-19[c++20] Add rewriting from comparison operators to <=> / ==.Richard Smith
2019-10-19[c++20] Add CXXRewrittenBinaryOperator to represent a comparisonRichard Smith
2019-10-18DebugInfo: Render the canonical name of a class template specialization, even...David Blaikie
2019-10-18[profile] Do not cache __llvm_profile_get_filename resultVedant Kumar
2019-10-18[analyzer] exploded-graph-rewriter: Unforget to censor stmt_ids in the test.Artem Dergachev
2019-10-18[analyzer] exploded-graph-rewriter: Rename Environment to Expressions.Artem Dergachev
2019-10-18[analyzer] Fix FieldRegion dumps.Artem Dergachev
2019-10-18[analyzer] Drop the logic for collapsing the state if it's same as in preds.Artem Dergachev
2019-10-18[analyzer] exploded-graph-rewriter: Fix dump for state 0.Artem Dergachev
2019-10-18[analyzer] Fix hidden node traversal in exploded graph dumps.Artem Dergachev
2019-10-18[Format] Add format check for throwing negative numbersBrian Gesiak
2019-10-18[DOCS]Update list of implemented constructs, NFC.Alexey Bataev
2019-10-18[OPENMP50]Add support for master taskloop simd.Alexey Bataev
2019-10-18[clang-format] fix regression recognizing casts in Obj-C callsKrasimir Georgiev
2019-10-18[tooling] Relax an assert when multiple GPU targets are specified.Michael Liao
2019-10-18[ThinLTOCodeGenerator] Add support for index-based WPDEugene Leviant
2019-10-18[WebAssembly] -pthread implies -target-feature +sign-extThomas Lively
2019-10-17[analyzer] exploded-graph-rewriter: Fix typo in r375186. Unbreaks tests.Artem Dergachev
2019-10-17[analyzer] Assign truly stable identifiers to exploded nodes.Artem Dergachev
2019-10-17[analyzer] Display cast kinds in program point dumps.Artem Dergachev