BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
google/stableCreating branches/google/stable and tags/google/stable/2019-05-14 from r360103Jordan Rupprecht21 months
linaro-local/ci/llvm-kernel-aarch64-goodAMDGPU: Correct errors in device tableMatt Arsenault3 years
linaro-local/ci/llvm-kernel-aarch64-testedRemoved unused variable [NFC]Mikael Holmen3 years
linaro-local/diana.picus/a[clang-cl] Do not allow using both /Zc:dllexportInlines- and /fallback flagTakuto Ikuta2 years
linaro-local/diana.picus/varargs[X86] Remove mask parameter from avx512 pmultishiftqb intrinsics. Use select ...Craig Topper2 years
linaro-local/peter.smith/rebased-pgoAdd command line options for marking cold functions for size optimisationPeter Smith2 years
master[FrontendTests] Try again to make test not write an output fileBenjamin Kramer16 months
release_70Merging r345839:Tom Stellard2 years
release_80Merging r354633:Tom Stellard20 months
release_90Merging r373275:Tom Stellard17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-10-22[FrontendTests] Try again to make test not write an output fileHEADmasterBenjamin Kramer
2019-10-22Revert "[FrontendTests] Don't actually run the full compiler, parsing is suff...Benjamin Kramer
2019-10-22[FrontendTests] Don't actually run the full compiler, parsing is sufficient.Benjamin Kramer
2019-10-22[clang-fuzzer] Update proto fuzzer example for r375453.Benjamin Kramer
2019-10-22Refactor DependencyScanningTool to its own fileKousik Kumar
2019-10-22Minor coding style fix. NFC.Michael Liao
2019-10-21Fix -fuse-init-array decision logic on NetBSDJoerg Sonnenberger
2019-10-21[Implicit Modules] Add -cc1 option -fmodules-strict-context-hash which includ...Michael J. Spencer
2019-10-21[clang-fuzzer] Add new fuzzer target for Objective-CDavid Goldman
2019-10-21SemaTemplateDeduction - silence static analyzer getAs<> null dereference warn...Simon Pilgrim