BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
arm/ilp32aarch64: Fix bits/utmp.h for GCC 8Szabolcs Nagy4 days
azanella/bz12683nptl: Remove THREAD_ATOMIC_* macrosAdhemerval Zanella2 days
google/grte/v5-2.27/masterUse LN_S in more places to forestall hard link creationStan Shebs11 days
hjl/setjmp/padx86-64: Check if shadow stack register can be preservedH.J. Lu18 hours
masterUpdate ChangeLog for BZ 22884 - riscv fmax/fminDJ Delorie46 hours
release/2.25/masterpowerpc: Fix syscalls during early process initialization [BZ #22685]Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho13 days
release/2.27/mastermanual: Improve documentation of get_current_dir_name. [BZ #6889]Rical Jasan6 days
sthibaul/hurd-buildst/timer_routinesSamuel Thibault5 days
zack/c99-compliant-scanfUse C99-compliant scanf under _GNU_SOURCE with modern compilers.Zack Weinberg4 days
zack/sticky-eof[BZ 1190] Make EOF sticky in stdio.Zack Weinberg4 days
glibc-2.27.9000glibc-2.27.9000.tar.gz  Dmitry V. Levin3 weeks
glibc-2.27glibc-2.27.tar.gz  Dmitry V. Levin3 weeks
glibc-2.26.9000glibc-2.26.9000.tar.gz  Florian Weimer4 months
glibc-2.16.90glibc-2.16.90.tar.gz  Florian Weimer4 months
glibc-2.17.90glibc-2.17.90.tar.gz  Florian Weimer4 months
glibc-2.18.90glibc-2.18.90.tar.gz  Florian Weimer4 months
glibc-2.19.90glibc-2.19.90.tar.gz  Florian Weimer4 months
glibc-2.20.90glibc-2.20.90.tar.gz  Florian Weimer4 months
glibc-2.21.90glibc-2.21.90.tar.gz  Florian Weimer4 months
glibc-2.22.90glibc-2.22.90.tar.gz  Florian Weimer4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
46 hoursUpdate ChangeLog for BZ 22884 - riscv fmax/fminHEADmasterDJ Delorie
2 daysDefine GEN_AS_CONST_HEADERS when generating header files [BZ #22792]H.J. Lu
2 daysUse libc_hidden_* for tolower, toupper (bug 15105).Joseph Myers
2 daysRemove --quiet argument when installing localesMike FABIAN
2 daysUse / instead of - in d_fmt for pt_BR and pt_PT [BZ #17438]Mike FABIAN
2 daysUse “copy "es_BO"” in LC_TIME of es_CU, es_CL, and es_ECMike FABIAN
3 daysUpdate sparc ulpsAdhemerval Zanella
3 daysRefactor atfork handlersAdhemerval Zanella
3 daysRename nptl-signals.h to internal-signals.hAdhemerval Zanella
3 daysRISC-V: fmax/fmin: Handle signalling NaNs correctly.Andrew Waterman