BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
all-combosHandle all combinations of status changes.Christophe Lyon4 years
mastercompare_tests: Add -compr optionChristophe Lyon2 weeks
new-unresolvedPrint new UNTESTED, UNRESOLVED and UNSUPPORTED tests in the report.Christophe Lyon4 years Avoid division by zero in case no test was actually exec...Christophe Lyon4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-06-30compare_tests: Add -compr optionHEADmasterChristophe Lyon Replace "minor" with "improvements"Christophe Lyon
2018-11-30compare_dg_tests.dl: Remove duplicate info.Christophe Lyon Stop counting "XFAIL disappears" as a regression.Christophe Lyon Add --hwdep-tests optionChristophe Lyon
2018-05-24unstable-tests.txt: Add g++.dg/gcov/gcov-8.CChristophe Lyon Handle incomplete target namesChristophe Lyon Handle list of targets to compare, if provided.Christophe Lyon
2018-01-16Add 2 new unstable libgomp tests on QEMU.Maxim Kuvyrkov Rename Report.html and diff*.txtChristophe Lyon