BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
all-combosHandle all combinations of status changes.Christophe Lyon16 months Rename report.html to Report.html.Christophe Lyon8 days
new-unresolvedPrint new UNTESTED, UNRESOLVED and UNSUPPORTED tests in the report.Christophe Lyon18 months Avoid division by zero in case no test was actually exec...Christophe Lyon18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 Rename report.html to Report.html.HEADmasterChristophe Lyon Update EXP info when merging results.Christophe Lyon
2017-09-06Add a couple of unstable tests.Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix syntax when passing --pass-thresh to compare_tests.Christophe Lyon
2017-05-30Add -pass-thresh parameter.Christophe Lyon
2017-03-24Print the name of the .exp file related to a change reported with the -l option.Christophe Lyon
2017-03-22Add reference output with -l option.Christophe Lyon
2016-09-19Handle DejaGnu ERROR messages.Christophe Lyon
2016-07-08unstable-tests.txt: Fix bug #2403Christophe Lyon Stop counting "PASS disappears" as a regression.Christophe Lyon